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Thread: Some buildings degraded & timer messed up

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    Some buildings degraded & timer messed up

    Some of my buildings are after an unusual loading (running horse) downgraded to the status where you?re building them up for the first time.( Kaz, exchange, ..) The timer is messed up, too. Even 2 mermaids are looking like this. What happened?

    PS: After the messed up timer run out, the buildings are complete again. Timer is running normally now. Curious.
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    Make sure you're on the latest version of the game but some strange display issues do occur from time to time. Reinstalling your game will normally correct any issues. Glad to hear it's back to normal though.

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    This happens if the time on your device was improperly shifted too far into the past or future, which can result in buildings showing in construction state or other issues. We recommend setting the time to automatic or ensuring that the time/date for your timezone is correct while playing.

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