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    2 3.13%
  • Q2. I completed this event (using gems, LTOs)

    8 12.50%
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    49 76.56%
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    10 15.63%
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    15 23.44%
  • Q4. I got 0 rabbit and was stuck at Goals 4 to 5

    9 14.06%
  • Q4. I got 0 rabbit and was stuck at Goals 6 to 7

    10 15.63%
  • Q4. I got 0 rabbit and was stuck at Rabbit Goals

    12 18.75%
  • Q5. I like the prizes

    24 37.50%
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    21 32.81%
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Thread: Walking In A Winter Wonderland - 2018 Dec 25 (POLL ADDED)

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    very frustrating event, drops are way too low to be able to complete. Achieving the timely rabbit and April hare will not be possible for me at all. I am on goal 7/7 but struggling to get drops from pigs and just realised, by coming to this forum, that to make the Tea cheesecake, drops are not from grape vines and passion fruit vines,as stated, but from fishing and have wasted the 2 days collecting from the vines. Drops from fishing and mining are so low as well. While I'm on a rant, another frustrating thing is not being able to sell/buy event items and the market is half empty all the time from people hoping to sell these items to the bots to have room in their barns, also making it more difficult to fulfill plane/balloon/truck deliveries due to lack of goods in the market. Rather confusing event with goods not being able to made til the last goals, also doubling/tripling up on goods needed to make much to keep track off!! OK...think I'm done...I feel better now!! Happy New Year everyone!!

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    This event appears very difficult to get the final rewards. But that is the model on which habit forming tasks with social, individual and hunting rewards are designed. It is a commercial model. The companies need money to survive. If income has to flow, it can not be offered as a easily doable task. It has to be difficult to achieve with free rewards here and there. The beauty of the events are during the course, we get plenty of expansion and upgrade parts and by playing continuously we level up. Otherwise, it would take much longer time to expand, upgrade and level up. We also add new neighbors and friends. So let us enjoy playing it, rewards or no reward.

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    I got my rabbit. Only did 1 on my big farm as no time for the second one. I wish they would use cows for these sort of events as I use more milk than bacon. With the pigs i personally found it easier to not have any pig food in my barn as the drops were slightly better but the food was ready in my mills.

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    My train asked for 38 matcha and 37 bags from rabbit. Yikes! Smh ridiculous!! I didn't even bother which is very rare for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by PookieBear50 View Post
    Verified: not only are my Balloon and Plane asking for event items...the Train is too! 34 Sugar Cubes...when I have trouble getting just 1!

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    I don't object to paying for games, but developers shouldn't create nearly unfinishable events as the way to raise money.

    I have diligently worked on this event, but due to the EXTREMELY low drops, I have just realized that I would need to spend $20 to get a rabbit. I would not have wasted my time had I realized that in the beginning.

    Rug-pulls like this do not inspire me to give money to storm 8. I have stopped giving money to them for most of their games.

    When a game is not fair (unobtainable goals, etc) I feel angry, resentful and, frankly, cheated. Not the kind of positive feelings that make me want to play or, more importantly, pay.

    I will probably keep playing - I need distractions from the real world, no matter how irritating, but I feel no need to reward those who are not only requiring a pay to win situation, but are charging SO MUCH.

    I would have paid a few dollars for a rabbit. I can't afford $20. The same thing happened with the gnomes - I could not get either, despite my best efforts, and could not afford to buy them.

    On a related note, why does the survey ask if the event was 'challenging enough' but not if it was 'too hard'?

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    I’ve worked diligently on this event, as I do on all of them. I don’t see how I can finish 7/7 on the Wonderland goal with pig drop so few and far between. And no way to get the rabbit. I should’ve just gone for it vs the goals. No way to get both and completely impossible to get both rabbits. I understand the “pay to play” model and I don’t mind it but I am in agreement with other posters about it being impossible to finish and expensive if you do choose to pay. At times I have wished S8 would just charge a monthly subscription fee of a few dollars and make the events not less challenging but actual viable. Minimal or practically zero drop rates makes it beyond frustrating to the point of giving up. I get why so many players throw their hands in the air with this game. The work that’s needed to play this one is demanding but many times very disappointing with the continual failure. But on the positive side for me at least is that it’s still my favorite game to play so I’ll just keep swinging for the fences on each event and hoping that I win one here and there. Good luck everyone!

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    I must say, I agree this time with everyone frustrated with this event. I spent a fortune in gems and money for the temp offers. Wasted many items trying to complete goals which didn?t even offer a prize after completing goal 7. I have wasted so much money and time. I?ve been around my farm looking for the elusive rabbit until my head was spinning. Harvesting pigs every few hours too. After all of that, it?s now down to less than 20 hours until the event ends. I?ve only been able to complete one tea set. If it took nearly 7 days for 1 set and 5 are required...

    And btw, I did waste gems on the kettle. I see absolutely no advantage to having it. Over a 48 hour period I think I saw the rabbit twice. Occasionally 2 teabags but often only one.

    I?m super disappointed and frustrated. I?m also angry at myself for being dumb enough to continue wasting time and money after it was clear this was nearly impossible. Foolish girl hoping maybe they?d loosen drops towards the end. I?m beyond shocked that anyone was able to get both rabbits, much less one.

    I really love the game overall and I am hoping Storm8 will throw us a bone soon before I give up this game entirely. This COULD have been a delightful event but instead was torture.

    Rant over. Thanks for listening 😉

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    Wow Storm thx!! Three pig collections in a row with NOT ONE biscuit! I only need eight to finish and collect rabbit and was going to use gems to finish but not now! Three in a row with nothing!! Thank you very much! I figured one per 12 pigs -I could still get it! Not now!!!
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    For what it is worth, I completed the 7 goals, and I was able to craft one complete tea set. Just one. Sigh...

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    Is it over yet? I'm patiently waiting for the next event. This one seems to be taking forever.

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