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Thread: SALE: Christmas 2018 Sale

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    I wish more Christmas decor and skins were included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    900 gems poorer but very happy with the sale!
    Wow! I'm so happy to hear that! What is your most favourite thing to have from the sale dear?

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    980 gems to be exact haha and I am considering to get the pink skunk but I've no room for that. Not too keen to buy and put it in storage. Wish the Foxy's den which looks a lot like the Wildlife Den can be opened up to other wildlife animals. I already have most of the items on sale so my favourite would be the pastel skins which I forgo in the early years for my show ponies then. I bought a lot of trees too since they hardly go on sale. I would spend more if they put more new items in the Market. Time to save up gems for the next sale lol.

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    Sounds awesome, Ryne. I was gonna get the pink skunky to match the regular one but I forgot when she was only 100 gems. I wiiiiish androids could have building skins, I'd be all over that. Actually, I'd likely go bankrupt for that.

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    Sorry you missed her, she was a bargain at half price. Let's hope she goes on sale in future. Hope you are happy with your loot. Android platform has improved heaps especially last year and the team did an excellent job on that, so I'm hopeful there are many more lovely things to come.

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