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Thread: Gift Bearer - 2018 Dec 7

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    Gift Bearer - 2018 Dec 7

    Event Prize
    Gift Bearer

    Event Boost
    The Big One - collect 16 Gingerbread Manors / 8 hrs until Jan 1 (450 gems)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...I mean, it's kinda cute. :/ Two animals already wearing Santa hats though.

    This one is only for 30 days, which is standard. Last month, a very human looking fairy, was 40 days and I only just got her yesterday morning. I wasn't even trying because I know I can't complete the month long challenges. And I'm not willing to hatch anymore animals out of my storage in order to get points toward this. Space is so limited that I don't see the point in it anyways. I'm not putting my effort into buying expensive habitats either when there won't be room for them.

    Yet another month of coasting for me. Yippee... :|

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    Nice but completely out of my reach.

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