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Thread: Castle Story 12/6: Gingerbread Genealogy event | *goals on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Have you tried zig-zag collecting? It couldn't hurt at this point of the low drops you're receiving. That's to collect other things while collecting from the steeds. Maybe 2 taps nearby on other collections, then 1 steed.. then other 2 different collections, then another steed etc etc. Do the continuous sequence of taps and let them drop naturally. I just got 4/5 doing so. You need more energy but I receive better returns than collecting from only the 5 steeds in a row. It works for me. Good Luck!
    Thanks for the tip I’ll give this a try at the next collection.

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    I?ve tried 3x just now to make a snowman cookie (by killing gingerbred men) and it keeps rolling it back and takes away some energy!!! I just want to craft some cookies before bed!! Sooooo annoying!! >

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