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Thread: Castle Story: Weekend / Weekday Warrior information (unlimited energy)

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    Castle Story: Weekend / Weekday Warrior information (unlimited energy)

    Weekday Warrior / Weekend Warrior - Unlimited energy Goal Information

    Available to players Level 20+

    General Notes:

    * Energy that you had before activating unlimited energy will be available to you when the timer ends. However, energy gained from sources while unlimited energy is active does not add to your energy total after expiration.

    * While you have either of the 10 minute unlimited energy active, do not collect from other energy sources.

    * This goes for any offer or goal that rewards unlimited energy.

    * If you level up during WW you will not receive the energy top up. You can check in the Hub thread for the xp level chart here:

    Note: When this feature was first released it was on a weekend (hence the name) but now it begins for x hours each fortnight at the conclusion of an event.
    Note: You may have to force close to see the timer change to unlimited energy. The place where you see your energy balance will change and in its place will show UNLIMITED ENERGY and a timer counting down from 10 minutes.
    Note: Other players may see that they have 40 energy that just keeps topping up when it gets down to zero.
    Note: Be careful when you're collecting that you don't "speed up" something and spend gems by accident.

    Discussion thread: To look at tips posted by players, please refer to the Weekend Warrior thread: click here!

    Goal 1:
    * Weed the landscape 0/10 CHOP | clear any foliage
    * Clear rubble 0/3 CLEAR | clear any rocks
    * Mine a rock outcropping 0/1 MINE
    Rewards: 100 coin, 1 xp, +30 energy
    Notes on Goal 1:
    * Foliage includes: patch of tall grass (100 coins, 1 chop), fern patch (800 coins, 1 chop), clearing a tree (can be partial chopped in preparation)
    * Rubble includes: rock outcroppings (can be partially chopped), plant in a log (2 chops, 500 coins), old log (3 chops, 600 coins), small rock pile (5 chops, 800 Coins), iron rich rock (8 chops, 5200 coins), tree log (2 chops, 1000 coins)
    * The rock outcropping will count towards both the 2nd and 3rd sub-goals.
    * The plant in a log ( 2 chops) counts as clearing rubble. So you do one rock outcropping which you have to do anyway and two plant in logs, 24 energy for your 3 rubble items

    Goal 2:
    * Visit town buildings 0/10 COLLECT
    * Harvest from flowers 0/15 HARVEST
    * Craft goods 0/5 CRAFT | any crafting building works
    Rewards: 100 coin, 1 xp, +10 minutes of unlimited energy
    Notes on Goal 2:
    * Do NOT complete the requirements of goal 3 during goal 2's unlimited time or you will move straight onto the second set of unlimited time or not be offered goal 3 at all.

    * Town Buildings include: farmhouse, cottage, marketplace, tavern, windmill, faerie houses
    * Flowers include: shrubs, fruit trees (apple, orange and lemon), mushrooms, maple tree, living tree, magic fruit tree, watering saplings, clouds
    * Crafting includes any craft from: workshop, potion, magic forge, mermaid workshop, faerie workshop. You can have these crafts ready to collect in preparation of clearing this goal.
    * The Greenhouse does NOT count.

    Goal 3:
    * Harvest crops 0/10 HARVEST
    * Tend to animals 0/10 TEND
    * Fight monsters 0/4 FIGHT
    Rewards: 5000 coin, 25 xp, +10 minutes of unlimited energy
    Notes on Goal 3:
    * Prior to triggering this goal, you could harvest your crops and tend animals, spawn and defeat ONLY 3 monsters. You could spawn the 4th monster but do NOT defeat it until you get to goal 3.
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    Helpful Hints to make the most out of Unlimited Energy

    * chop rock outcropping for gold nuggets during WW - you're likely to stockpile quite a few!

    * run down your resources for milk, hide, bacon, eggs, stone, glimmer dust, wood, water on things you need to craft in the days leading up to it as much as you have animals and resources that can refill them

    * save any repetitive chopping needed for a goal until WW and have those items purchased and placed if you can

    * place your highest coin producing buildings that are usually in storage so they are ready to be collected from when WW is active

    * do not collect from Ivy's Hut or the Troll Camp (as they are used so often in events near the beginning). Better a couple coins less than a 12 hour late start of an event because you collected from them when they were needed!

    Hot tips!

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