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Thread: Restaurant Story: December 2018

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    Farm Supplier
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    Jun 2011
    ID: wiznit85 Returning player, all neighbors welcome, occasional tips, daily gifts/parts help. �� I also play CS and BS

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    Jan 2015
    Add me


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    Add me: mintchoco9 thanks.

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    Dec 2018
    Add me: dzica123 I always send anything that you need

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    New Resident
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    Dec 2016
    I gift you whatever you gift me. I play daily. ID: ChelleToo

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    ID: rockbellkid
    Just getting back in after being off for awhile
    I try to gift daily

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    New Resident
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    Sep 2014
    Daily player: nychelsea

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    Feb 2014
    ID: lexceej
    Parts only player/daily tips

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    I’m looking for very active neighbors to help with goals and the game in general. I am a daily player, try to gift and tip daily, don’t send food, and accept material requests. I would love some creative neighbors, but not required. I enjoy seeing great restaurant designs when I’m off a-tipping! Sloppy mosh pits of designs are eyesores to me. Look forward to having you!

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    Looking for active neighbors to help with goals. * I do not tip, and I mass send parts!* Everybody gets the same thing, I do not have time to sit on the game all day, reading my wall, to see what people need! I am a daily player, who sends goal parts ( or random materials, if we are not in the midst of a goal). I do not require tipping or even gifting. Though it is nice to receive in return. The only thing I care about is having my requests answered and I'll answer yours in return. I'm very easy going as a neighbor, I'm here to have fun. You will never receive a hateful message from me about receiving an "unwanted" gift. All gifts are accepted and appreciated. I'm here to have fun; the mega millions is not at stake if you don't complete a goal...If you're just here to have fun as well, and don't require tips or wall messages, feel free to add me. ID sittaspel & bakesandtakes. I play RS and BS. Sorry for the slight rant, just dealt with an ungrateful neighbor.

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