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Thread: Bakery Story: December 2018

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    ID: HuntressM13

    Feel free to add me if you want.

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    Add me: SpiderCupcakes
    Just started playing recently, but have been trying really hard to be a good neighbour

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    Please add ThePawlor

    - daily player
    - will gift as long as you gift back
    - will accept requests as long as you accept mine
    - will NOT tip, won't expect you to either

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    Looking for active neighbors who:
    - gift parts daily (or close to)
    - follow goals (or give goal parts if you aren’t doing it)
    - can be a tipper, but that’s not necessary (I don’t tip daily)
    - doesn’t have specific rules regarding gifting
    - preferably higher level

    If you want to be neighbors, please add yanks20.

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    New Resident
    Join Date
    Aug 2018
    ID: aestarkk

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    U can add me
    ID KLynne423

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    Add me on Bakery Story and Fashion Story, gift daily. ID:AvailableSubject.

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    Please add me on Bakery Story and Fashion Story, gift daily. ID: AvailableSubject

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    New Resident
    Join Date
    Nov 2018
    Add me: Lc413

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