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Thread: Ruby Heliopegasus - 2018 Nov 30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcat5 View Post
    Try switching to a different combo for one round and then go back to ur commons. Sometimes that does the trick for me when I get stuck in a breeding rut. Good luck!
    Thank you for the advice. I did try switching it up, in between the necessary breeding for storybook and just now went back to my commons. 11hr timer. *sigh. I’m thinking it’s just my luck right now. On Dragon Story I started breeding for the common storybook required animal right away and let my quest auto start. I have given up now as I am out of time to finish and I have yet to breed this common.

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    AHHHH I try to never speed breed but did just now in a last ditch attempt using pyro pony and the electric leopard and I see an 8 hour breeding time! I really really really wanted this pegasus - I hope this is it!

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    Two Gold Lions in a row. Ugh. At least it will be good for Leaderboard points.
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    Nothing but Fire Gliders no matter the combo used. 🙁

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