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Thread: GOAL: City Sidewalks - 2018 Nov 29 (15 Days)

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    I have so many unfinished goal prizes since they started the collectibles. It is very difficult to get enough parts or collectibles to build ovens. Even so, it would not be as difficult if they didn't require 3 appliances to open the next recipe. I can easily make the required 15 dishes but have only 2 stoves. This time, I did manage to finally speed through the last ones and received the prize. The last few times, I managed to open up the last recipe but not get the goal prize. I didn't waste gems on completion. Some prizes have been repeats or similar to others or did not call to me. Most often, I can only open 2 recipes. Once, I had the last of the second recipe ready to collect when the goal closed. I have never failed to complete the goals before and now I have all those greyed out goal prizes at the end. Very annoying. I even finished BS with days to spare and have been managing to collect goal prizes although it was tough when they first changed. I have been playing for years. Five for sure but I think longer.

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    Hey, so I missed finishing because I got busy at work. Why didn't I get the option to buy the final goal prize when the event ended?

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    Me too, this is an extremely busy time of year and forgot to finish with gems but figured I could at least buy final prize...

    Please make final prize available to purchase.
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    Angry Cheated Out of Final Prize

    At least you all didn't get cheated out of the final prize.

    I play with six (yes, six) accounts. I have over six devices and yeah, I like the game like that. Or I used to. Anyway, I set a timer to let me know when my dishes are done on each of them. This method has worked for me for over a year or so. I got all those other accounts (since this one is my first and main account) to Level 99. Since I was out of the house, I didn't have access to my other devices for my other accounts. The timers for my dishes went off so I checked each account through my one device that was with me and served the last dish needed to complete the event, watching the game confirm that I won the final prize on all my accounts.

    Imagine my dismay when I return to one of my accounts some hours later, after the end of the event, to see that the final dish is still sitting on its stove, waiting to be served. Again, I know I signed into this account and served those dishes because on this particular account, I forgot to finish the side goal and there wasn't enough time to do it so I at least wanted to finish the main event on this account.

    The only thing I can think of is when I closed out of that account (force closed since on iOS, you can't switch accounts anymore in RS [another "brilliant" move by S8 but I digress]) to switch to my other accounts, it must have done a refresh on the server which seems to reset things back as if you did nothing at all. This "refresh" (or out of sync with server, I guess) has happened to me on more than one occasion on all of my accounts. It is especially annoying to think that you served your dishes, started new ones, leave the game and return, only to see that the dishes weren't served at all while the new ones you started are going just fine.

    To lose out on the final prize like that, all because of this buggy game is infuriating. What makes it worse is that before the update of 1.7.8 and beyond, this game worked. No endless processing, not a lot of "Oh Darn!" messages, and certainly none of this background refreshing that resets all of your actions. After this, I may have to scale back my playing of this and Bakery Story because they don't seem to care about these issues.

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    this is very very helpful to me.i get all answers here.thnku very much.

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