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Thread: Castle Story 11/22: The Great Kitsunecorn event | *goals and info on page 1*

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    Quote Originally Posted by busyplayer421 View Post
    Can?t get a skunkupine, every other monster pops up. Any suggestions?
    They will spawn by chopping star blooms but so far it?s been one skunkupine per star bloom, which is a low rate given the 20 energy required to clear. It does seem that as soon as you need a monster to spawn its apprearance takes a nosedive. Already annoying!
    I?m only playing for the final prize because it drops energy & spellbound dew, I really hope it does as advertised there have been plenty of previous disappointments with drops from prizes.
    The whole event otherwise looks poor & a mix of old events; the bushes just look like green blobs on display, the community prizes are the same decorations from the last valentine event which are still available from the sweetheart shack with the Kit added on which isn?t an improvement, crowns again as prizes when most are maxed on walkers I?d sooner we went back to energy crates, even some of the graphics from the event display are from the previous dessert palace event!!
    Seriously S8 do it right or don?t bother ☹️
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    I'm a level 50 player so not happy I don't for each closed visited farmhouses now 10 times and met one fangbeast. So not going to be as to upgrade the pond ahhhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavenderdale View Post
    um. where do kitsunecorns spawn so I can fight them for tails?
    They don't show up until goal 5 when it asks you to fight them

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    3 Star blooms down, no skunkupine.
    60 energy, wasted. 🤨

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoxyPopIn View Post
    Besides the trap, how do you get skunkupines to appear?
    I got a skunkupine from my pink alicorn. I also got 3 from 40 tomatoes that I had planted. I've been getting them, sporadically, from chopping at the star bloom. Since I'll be doing a LOT of pies/lemonade trades once the 1/2 time - double bonus kicks in I've filled my plots 1/2 with sugar, 1/2 with wheat - both known to attract skunkupines.

    On another note, the troll camp is not a guaranteed drop - I learned that first hand. 🤔

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    Castle Story level 48
    confirm - troll camp gave nothing this round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpixel View Post

    I know S8 isn't responsible for this, but now that the Monster Hunt is over, all the Fangbeast have come out of hiding and are lurking around my chickens. Met three of them while collecting from five chickens. Maybe they are all starving after hiding for that many days.
    Same here.

    So if S8’s not responsible, who is? Difficult to believe that this is just random. I personally think it is a strategy on the part of S8 to get us to spend gems on traps.

    Which I actually don't have a problem with, BTW. After all, it's not a non-profit company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susieque11 View Post
    Anyone else having problems with farm houses not spawning for tails
    Im having the same problem.

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    Locked by goal

    Facing the same problem that by atmospheric potion shows locked by goal have sent a message to support but apparently they are closed until the 25th for Thanksgiving
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woldawson View Post
    Ok so I?m up to goal 4 in The Last Kitsunecorn goals & it says I need to brew Atmospheric Potion which is ?Locked By Goal?😏😏. What goal? I have no other goals to complete. Anyone else having this problem?
    Yes same problem with me as well have sent a message to support but apparently they are closed until the 25th for Thanksgiving

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