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Thread: How often do you redecorate your bakery?

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    I also change it about once a month depending on that months Holiday. May, June, August and September depends on what mood I’m in or the goal released.
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    I feel bad for the IOS users! But, IOS users get more decorations than Droiders.

    I am not really big into the seasonal decor. I do Christmas, Valentines and Easter mainly. Being in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere so I only add touches of the seasons. Most of the time my bakery is a pink/rose gold theme.
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    I remodel every three months just about now. My typical theme is pink, pink and pink, with a smidge of yellow.

    I do an autumn theme.


    Then valentines.

    If I?m lucky I?ll do something centered on green. One of my least favorite colors but in the game, the items are so elegant I can?t help it!

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    I usually redecorate once a month, I keep the basic layout and just change out the decore so it's pretty quick. THe hardest part is finding things in the inventory. Right now I have out my dragons that I spent gems on and I just stuck a few Christmas items around for the holidays. The sleeping dragon is one of my favorite items.

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    I don’t remodel any more because I’m trying to save coins for my next expansion. Every now and then Ill add a few seasonal decorations and tables but that’s pretty much it. Hopefully after I get my bakery to my preferred size Ill be able to do major remodels and decorating.

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    If I like the overall look, I stay with it for a while. But, if something in it bugs me.. I will redo over and over till I get it "right". Which can be maddening.

    One thing I do, may seem silly, but I use the characters a lot, and when I can I move them around. Now the visitors may or may not notice. I figure some might, it gives it a less static look. I got the idea from Gene Rodenberry (creator of Star Trek). In STNG in Picards ready room, there is a book under glass. Gene decided to turn a page each episode, thinking the Captain would surely get at least one page read of the huge book. I liked that idea. So....
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    if the design could be saved,maybe I?ll change every week.but in fact it took too much time

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhbhmvgfgb View Post
    if the design could be saved,maybe I?ll change every week.but in fact it took too much time
    SCREENSHOTS! I save my favorite designs in an album so I can refer back to them at a later time. Have even found some here on the forum.
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