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Thread: Help, leveling up

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    Help, leveling up

    I?m at a level 60, which seems to be the max but I cannot level up anymore to expand my restaurant. It says I need to be at level 80. I currently have 86,000 points and I need 999,000,000 to level up to level 61. Why is leveling up so difficult?

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    The current max level is 60 which is why it has a very high xps requirements. Once the team gives us new levels, your existing xps will help you to gain several levels.

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    To add, most games turn off XP gains when you reach the max level. We continue to leave it on, but set the next level to extremely high so that you can keep getting credit for XP that you earn. If levels get updated later, the amount you earned gets applied so you get levels from what you already earn. ^_^

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