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Thread: String of Lights issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aarafel View Post
    I guess you fixed the issue.
    I think it fixed itself. Glad it's working now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn2456 View Post
    I have a iPhone and I can’t store the lights. It doesn’t crash but they won’t store.
    Quote Originally Posted by lcupcakes24 View Post
    I have the same issue with the lights on the right wall won’t let me store them
    I've flagged your issue over.

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    maybe...mine is Android..I think it should be fixed...hope that all fixes within Monday.YAA still it is not like those beautiful Christmas lights.
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    Hi folks,

    I've pushed out another fix for the String of Lights wall decoration. Last week's fix updated the image directly, and so the item would have appeared properly for new installs or users who have never seen the applied deco before. Because devices tend to cache data, it's possible that some players wouldn't have seen the fixed image. Today's fix replaces it with an identical image but uses a different name, and since nobody has seen this new identical image, it should resolve the issue globally. Thank you for your patience on this matter, and your willingness to work with the Support Team toward a solution!

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but the Side Goal should've opened at the end of Goal 1 for all players over level 49.
    That's right. The parent quest for "Diwali: The Light Festival Part One" is "All The Lights", which is the first quest in the main Diwali chain.

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    Hi folks,

    Thanks for your reports on this. I deployed a fix for this last week (Thursday on iOS, Friday night on Android) but it may not have fixed everyone. I pushed out another fix today which should resolve it for everybody. Please check again and report back, if you wouldn't mind!

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    Hi first time to comment
    on here , I can’t store the lights and there are sitting at an angel

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    String of Lights malfunctioning... again

    I redecorated at the beginning of the week. I had a section of my wall covered in the String of Lights from the Festival of Lights goal last year. They were fine but I noticed that as soon as the current sale popped up, the lights have now reverted back to their original issue of not aligned properly on the wall.

    I checked and all the other light string decos work (the holiday and pink/white sets) and the yellow set is fine on the left wall, just the right wall is out of whack. Again, this is just like when they were first released.

    Here's a pic, in case no one remembers the original issue:

    Click image for larger version. 

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