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Thread: 3 extra balls

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    Angry 3 extra balls

    Is anybody else having problems with this new '3 extra balls' that has been introduced lately. Most of the time the game turns itself off if I tap on the extra balls. Sometimes it just breaks and you lose what you've gained. I don't bother with it any more. It's most annoying.

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    Please try force closing and reopening your game to see if this resolves the issue.
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    I love the game Candy Mania. Frozen Mania is also fun. And the Obot Bingo I like is Monopoly Bingo. But those are my 3 Favorite games.. Thank you Storm 8 for all the work you put into making these apps run well with no money needed? I enjoy them. And I don’t play any other games like these. Been a fan for years!!!!

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    This isn't the only problem with the 'new' features of the game.
    1. When watching videos on my 2012 Ipad (3rd Gen) the graphics must be too intense for my Ipad, as it crashes the game EVERYTIME.
    2. Now that they have added multiple collection levels, level 2 is 48 collectables and level 3 is 72. Once you complete the first collection of 24, you get 3 more daily bonus bingo tickets. Once you collect the level 2 and 3, you get NOTHING.
    3. Collecting all the stars on any level, there is no recognition or bonus for doing so.
    4. The passport series of bonus rounds is ok for earning points and stuff, but after you complete it, you get a notice that time has run out and you get to start another one for 7 more days.
    5. The daily scratch off always gives you a token win, but additional plays rarely give you anything.
    6. When sending a gift to friend, you can send a measly 2 tickets. What good is that. You need to be able to send ANY amount of tickets you want.
    7. When starting up the game after it crashes or first thing in the day, you have to click through no less than 7 advertisements.
    8. Bingo needs a login to Storm8 like the other games.
    9. A better way to transfer your game data to a new device needs to be found.
    That is just a few of the aggravating things about the game.

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