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Thread: Bakery Story: November 2018

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    I just started playing and could use some friends. Thanks

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    I?m looking for 2-4 star neighbors. I?m usually a 3 or 4 star. I tip and gift (definitely gift during goals) all neighbors Monday-Friday. I tip off my wall and newsfeed (gift if there is a goal) during the weekend if I?m not too busy. Add me mermaidfox

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    Hi! Just deleted most of my neighbours because they all seemed to have left the game So I'm looking for some new ones!

    ID: Haaas

    I'm a lvl 99 player
    I don't really tip and please don't gift with food

    I'm also on Restaurant Story so add me there as well!

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    I need daily players. It's so hard to comlpete goals without daily players. Please add misscookie2017.

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