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Thread: Another stable upgrade?

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    Another stable upgrade?

    Its 1800 gold. How maany slots?
    Is this a sale price or a regular price?
    I didnt get any pop-ups.

    Edit KP

    Here is the new list:

    Dragon Stable 25 gold holds 5 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 70 gold holds 10 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 140 gold holds 20 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 360 gold holds 40 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1000 gold holds 80 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1000 gold holds 130 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1500 gold holds 200 Dragons
    Dragon Stable 1800 gold holds 300 Dragons
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    That's cool. It really great that they are making the effort to give us more space. Some more mining land would be just awesome, oh and if they fixed the quad habitats and other bugs

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    I am checking on this.
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    Thanks Kooky!
    Please report if you find out the details.

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    Nobody bought it so far?

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    Yes, there is another stable upgrade 100 more spots so ..stable will hold 300 but the regular price is 1800 gold..hopefully it will go on sale that is a bit rich..

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    When fully upgraded, the Dragon Stable will hold 300 Dragons.

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    There was a pop up for the Stable upgrade today ( Nov 24) that says it can now hold 400 dragons, I am at the 300 level and I do not get a Upgrade button to tap to bring it to the 400 upgrade..any ideas moderators??

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    I have had my stable for quite a while. I am at the first level 10 dragons
    My update button is for 70 gold
    Will that amount update me to more than 10

    Thanks for your help

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    My update is the same as yours. I'd like to know what the 70 gold gets me also. Hope we get an answer before the sale is over.

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