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Thread: LEADERBOARD: Mooncraft - 2018 Oct 26 (POLL ADDED)

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    LEADERBOARD: Mooncraft - 2018 Oct 26 (POLL ADDED)

    Event Schedule
    Event is live from Oct 26 at 11:30am.
    You can use this Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for the Storm8 time zone.

    How to play?

    Event Boost
    Witch Hat - collect 20 points / 2.5 hrs (175 gems)
    Grand Witch Hat - collect 60 points / 2.5 hrs (375 gems)

    Event Prizes
    Milestone Prizes
    50 points - Mystery box
    350 points - Wyburn
    650 points - Mystery box
    1,100 points - Psyena
    1,500 points - Mystery box
    2,200 points - Eerie Owl
    3,800 points - Mystery box
    4,200 points - Drowsy Hollow
    4,800 points - Mystery box
    5,400 points - Dusky
    6,000 points - Skelewing

    Note: Your milestone prizes can be found in your storage upon acquiring the required Leaderboard points.

    Rank Prizes
    1st - Heckate, Gold trophy
    2nd - Heckate, Silver trophy
    3rd - Bronze trophy, 25,000 food, 20 runes
    4th to 6th - 35,000 coins, 20,000 food, 10 runes
    7th to 12th - 25,000 coins, 15,000 food
    13th to 20th - 10,000 coins

    Note: Your Rank prizes can be found in your storage at the end of the event.

    Spooky Sparks
    Goal 1:
    Hatch a Wyburn
    REWARD: 300 leaderboard points

    Goal 2:
    Raise your Wyburn to level 3
    REWARD: 300 leaderboard points

    Goal 3:
    Raise your Wyburn to level 12
    REWARD: 400 leaderboard points

    Have fun and enjoy your event!

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Oct 2016
    What is storm8 thinking?
    Another cool horse as a top prize?
    It better is the last milestone, but from the look of the picture, it seems not.
    My group better hates them...

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    Executive Chef
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    Apr 2015
    I really love the bones creature. Looks nice together with Old Bones. Luckily i just expand, so have room to place the creature's from the milestone. Not willing to fight for rank 1
    I'm only playing FFS at the moment.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool. Come and take a visit

    Crystal Unicorn @ 03-21-2017 Lvl 106
    My 2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @ 05-14-17 lvl 125
    My 3th; Garnet Griffin @ 08-24-17 lvl 154
    My 4th; Pearl Peryton @ 10-21-17 lvl 167
    My 5th; Emerald Dragon @ 05-28-18 max lvl
    My 6th; Spinel Ravenstag @ 06-03-18
    My 7th; Ruby Razorback @ 09-05-18
    My 8th; Jasper Dragon @ 03-07-19
    My 9th; Obsidian Cyclops @ 03-22-19
    My 10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @ 06-04-19

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    Farm Supplier
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    Oct 2015
    Wow another leaderboard? Was thinking story book be4 LB , we just have leaderboard then world event. But that ok i like LB better anyway, really like thst bone fairy, too many horses

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    Fashion Designer
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    Aug 2016
    What's a moonraft? Mooncraft misspelled?

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    Rhino Keeper oficeandfire's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Are you serious? They put Dusky and Wynburn in this!? We literally JUST HAD dusky in a leaderboard recently and we already get Wynburn in the battlefields.....pure laziness

    I do love the final animal and the habitat but geez there?s so many other Halloween animals that could have been put in their place!

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2016
    WA, USA
    Has S8 dropped the storybook adventures? They are a nice break between the leaderboard and community events. Will they be back?

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    Dec 2016
    I, as well as most other people, I assume, already have a Wyburn, yet this time they did not automatically give us points for having one. So does that mean they heard the previous complaints about it automatically giving points before we had a chance to activate a boost?

    Also, when I first logged in, I got a popup about something, but it was so quick that I couldn't read it in time. It seems that it gave us 60 Spooky Gems for some reason. I got it on both accounts. Does anyone know what that was for?

    Also, yes, it does seem odd that they would include a Wyburn, a creature that we can all get from the battlegrounds, and a Dusky again. I already have 2 Duskies on each of my accounts, so between the two accounts I have a baby, a juvenile, an adult, and an epic, which I am pleased about - I wish I could do that with *all* my animals, but it doesn't seem like much of a reward at this point.

    Finally, what is up with the Eerie Owl? So all the people who already bought one probably feel cheated that they can now get one in the LB. I didn't buy one, so I am pleased to be able to get one, but what about everyone else? Plus it is *still* available in the shop. They've been doing this a lot lately.

    Oh, another finally, I don't think they are getting rid of SB. I think they just mixed things up a bit to fit things into a certain timeframe. The SBs are always 10 days, and I think they wanted a shorter, 7 day event, so that it will end on November 2 instead of the 6th for purposes of the monthly animal.

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    Dec 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by MystiqueRealm View Post
    What's a moonraft? Mooncraft misspelled?
    Looks like you were right as it is now called Mooncraft. Sloppy.

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    May 2015
    Skelewing 8 hoursClick image for larger version. 

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