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Please contact support for assistance. See support link in my signature.
I have sent several messages from my Android phone and I just your message. I had sent them an email from account. It has froze the Storybook.
This is my message.I am sending you a message about Dragon Story the Challenges to promote the levels bronze, silver, gold is frozen. It continues to send me back to one of them I finished and not counting anything I have done after. I sent in several screenshots off my Android phone and have heard nothing and I got on the game today and it has gone back to the first messed up spot it wants me finish again (the Battle with my Champion dragons) Also the Storybook I did so much of it and it stopped working. I spent money on this game and this is ridiculous. Now it says I can pay for it but why would I. I got to a certain point and then it just freezes and will not play anymore. I should get my free animals for this last Storybook. also I should be up in the top 3 of the silver, but it will not continue again.