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Thread: GOAL: One Stormy Night - 2018 Oct 9 (15 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7700AnchorInn View Post
    Alright, I finish all the goals. I earn the Boo! decoration. I clear the floor space and tap it to place it in my restaurant. On the marquee strip it goes from 1 to 0, but it is invisible on my floor! People are walking around it. But you can not see it. What is the deal here? I'm feeling it's stealthy!?
    My Boo! Was fine but my Costumed Ghosts deco was invisible when I first placed it. I had to rotate it dozen or so times and it suddenly was visible if that doesn't work, you might want to try doing a force close after you've placed the deco in your restaurant.

    It's likely just a temporary glitch but if it remains invisible after leaving it on display for a day or so, I'd recommend filing a support ticket so s8 can have a look at it on Monday.

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    I wonder if the next goal in RS will be on thursday October 25 like on the calendar dates with the current bakery story goal getting delayed 1 day this makes me wonder about the next RS goal as well :O

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    Thank you AnnirasSweets. I rotated it several times and moved it over a step, rotated again and it appeared! Thank you for the heads up! Aww .....I can relax until the next challenge. Lol

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