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Thread: GOAL: Knock Knock! - 2018 Oct. 4 (15 Days)

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    Happy with:
    The side goal prize
    The final goal prize (very cute)

    The wallpaper is not great but ok.
    The neon buckets, Halloween pup and costumed family are not great but ok.

    UNhappy with:
    The tables, chairs and floor tiles - not only do they not look like Halloween AT ALL, they are hideously ugly!
    I actually love the butler guy but do NOT want him as an oven. Would prefer as a decoration. I don't want him to have the recipe bubble over his head if he's only on display. Not happy with this.
    15 days for goal. There was a survey taken and almost 70% said we need it to be longer (because we have lives and work and things that get in the way), and yet STILL 15 days.
    I can only assume someone(s) new has taken over the creation of bakery story items because I have not wanted to do a goal for MONTHS. Almost nothing is cute or creative anymore. I LOVED playing this game and now I'm constantly skipping things and going back to my old decorations. Not to mention new goals used to be exciting. Now they're a chore and a hassle and all for stuff that sucks. I have been playing for YEARS and have loved this game sooo much that I still can't give up but I think I won't hold my breath either. This is incredibly disappointing.

    Side note: maybe the new goal final prize is the only thing I like because it's been almost copied from the old side goal house done by someone else who was much better at this!

    Completely Frustrated

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    Love the final prize and we can get another house by completing the side goal!
    If only the haunted house can be offered (for gems) it would be perfect.

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    YEP, I lost my parts cuz of Collectable Named Wrong too!!!! Now afraid to get them!!! HELP!!!
    Also noticing already have 8 of 1 collectible, 1 of another!!! END of last goal I had over 110 of 1, 50plus of another so couldnt turn into Gfts, Total Waste!!!
    On the Nbr who said 70% hate these Goals, Thats way too low as alot Like Me havent voted!!! Reading walls its closer to 90%!!!!!

    S8 Pls help with this!!! Also the cost to dump is Way Out there!!!!
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    They are trying so hard to make us give up and buy gems...

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    It happened again. I redeemed 3 hard candy in the collectibles tab and only 2 were added to my total. This format is hard enough to build appliances without having them not credited properly.

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    I can't redeem any, I have 10 of one color bucket and only 1 of another. Storm 8 knows we can only redeem as many parts as our lowest number of collectables so all those others that show up unnecessarily are just for show

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    Quote Originally Posted by rusticjess View Post
    I can't redeem any, I have 10 of one color bucket and only 1 of another. Storm 8 knows we can only redeem as many parts as our lowest number of collectables so all those others that show up unnecessarily are just for show
    Since the drops are random, you can't help but get into this situation. The more you collect, the more it will even out though. I've gotten to the point where I have 20+ of three colors and 0 of one color. Just have to keep cooking and farming those collectibles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    Thank you for maintaining the thread AnnirasSweets! Much, much appreciated

    Additional infographic and side goal prize pic if needed:

    Hopefully we get the Haunted House in a sale or as an LTO to finish a trio of houses
    YES, I would love the haunted house too!!! So we have the trio!

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    This is my first real event so sorry if this is a silly question. While visiting I notice that some players are building more that 3 of the first oven. The second oven takes so many parts this idea is a little scary. What is the strategy with this game play? Any other suggestions? I have the first 3 ovens built and in 2 hours I will have the last recipe opened. I think it is candy corn.

    On the side goal I am on my last candy apple (35) and have started the chi tea.

    I have 7 ovens so I believe at some point I may need to pick between main and side goals and discontinue the other. It will depend on part collection. If I have to keep the Butlers going to make parts I do not think I will have the time to bake all the side goals.
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    The costumed family looks more like a circus family.

    WHY do different parts drop? Only one of them counts. Having all those different ones is unnecessarily confusing.

    If we are only going to have the part that counts drop every so often, then have nothing drop the rest of the time, please.

    WHY make the game harder than it needs to be???

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