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Thread: GOAL: Knock Knock! - 2018 Oct. 4 (15 Days)

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    These parts aren’t dropping all the time I just notice that. It should drop during side goals.

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    woohooo! Love it!!!!

    I already have the side goal prize, but hello! Totally want another one to create a little trick or treat neighborhood!

    Can't wait to get all the prizes here, good one Storm8!
    Not accepting any new neighbors at the moment

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    Yas!! storm8 is finally coming through with the side goal! I?ve been wanting the trick or treat house for years and have waited for it to pop up on a sale but this is way better. Also, the main goal prizes are awesome for Halloween this year! Woo hoo I?m so excited. I skipped the last goal and this is just what I needed to resume goals

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    Yep, Pricey foods, no extra collectibles. Same as before. At end of last goal I had 110 of 1 type 50plus of a other so totally a Waste. So I Am Not a fan of cook/dump. I am losing good nbrs over these goals, it's sad!!!
    Bright side, Love the Butler and Prizes!!! Will I try to finish, Only next days will tell. Halloween is my favorite so maybe fight thru this then skip the next many!!!

    I also dont ever get free gems so refuse to spend real money just to speed up!! Happy to buy gems for extra new stoves/expansions.

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    I'm a fan of all the prizes! I'll have to set up a neighborhood too--hope I can fit everything.

    Tables, chairs etc. not that great, but whatever. And I love the appliances, except that if you want to leave them out when you're not using them to cook they have that big circle on top of their heads. I wish they were decor items.

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    I love the appliance! So cute! I hope that second one is a character too.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    It will look good in my semetrical-bakery!
    I already have 1 of the -Trick or Treat1 house,
    but it would be good. Especially a free 1!
    I would prefer for more people of colour like Natasha or in her shade range. it seems to not get in the specific colour range that She is in, that often, if at all. I know we have people of Natasha's colour range & darker that play & don't feel or will feel represented.

    If any of my daughters do ever start playing, I bet I'll get questions from them asking me where people who have there skin colour are at in the game. Because my wife often jokes about not seeing any, which is sad.

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    So, no additional parts dropped in the side goal?

    Well, I've been wanting to take a break from this game. This has given me my out. I'll still help my neighbors and all and hope that S8 will change the make up of these goals or the game itself but I think I and my other accounts are going to sit this one out. I was looking forward to a Halloween goal but these parts and losing coins to delete food in hopes of getting the right number of collectibles is getting ridiculous.

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    Anyone else notice the green candy is called gummy candy in the gifts tab and when you go to build the appliance but in the collectibles tab it is labeled sticky candy? To check, I redeemed a collectible for the green one that said sticky and then checked the number of parts I needed and it showed as added. Redeemed again that time nothing was added to my total...

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    Does anyone have any additional information on the cost & profit for the recipes on the Tricky Butler & Witchy Treats "appliances". I'm low on coins and I don't want to use my limited funds on the first few goals of the event if the "appliances" don't have very profitable recipes. Thanks.

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