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  • I like this event

    27 51.92%
  • I didn't like this event

    17 32.69%
  • I started but I couldn't complete

    19 36.54%
  • Smashing Pumpkin

    10 19.23%
  • Great Smashing Pumpkin

    18 34.62%
  • Witch's Cat Library

    19 36.54%
  • Cauldron Boil

    25 48.08%
  • Punkinhead

    26 50.00%
  • I didn't like the prizes

    5 9.62%
  • Goal 6

    4 7.69%
  • Goal 7

    6 11.54%
  • Goal 8

    6 11.54%
  • Goal 9

    7 13.46%
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Thread: Meet Punkinhead! - 2018 Oct 4 (POLL ADDED)

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    New Question added in Poll

    Sounds like some of you couldn't complete this event. I've added Question 3 for those of you who didn't complete.

    3. Which goal did you stop at?

    For the 4 members who have already voted you didn't complete, sorry you cant vote again. You can either pm me or post in this thread for me to add your votes to this question. If you have completed the event, you are not affected, only those who didn't complete the event. Thanks.

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    If the chickens and the newspapers weren't so stingy this could've been a terrific event.,but to play this game and finish with a welt on the hand from holding the iPad constantly looking for hats is ridiculous. I caved in and sparingly used my few gems(as if that isn't S8's game plan) I had to complete it... Then the hats appear for me in the Why didn't that surprise me.

    PS.@orleansparish..but I've seen so many candles lol.

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    I liked this event, but it’s very frustrating to only be allowed one haunted house habitat. There seems no point in working hard to complete an event if it means storing a pet in the cellar.

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    This was a very time-consuming event due to the issue with the pirate hats and having to constantly be on looking for them on farms and in paper. The drop rate was very bad, considering how many were required to complete the pirate costume. It does seem that events in this game are setup for those that can spend a large amount of their time daily to playing it. Of course, you can spend money to finish the event as well. So, even though I did like the prizes a lot and I was able to finish, it was not as much fun as I would have liked. I love a challenge, but not one that requires me to spend this much time playing in order to win. But I do still love the game...just giving some feedback.

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    I liked being able to win the pumpkin head pet-person thingy, but the smashing pumpkins NO

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    I spent quite a lot on this event but even so I couldn’t collect the pirate hats as I can only play for a hour or so a day . Regretted spending the money as all I got was pumpkins and animals feed , not even one lantern . Oh well, here’s to the next event

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    I enjoyed the event I did complete it. It was very time consuming getting a hats from the chickens. Luckily I was able to buy some. But I am on Android my Haunted house is full so punkinhead is stuck in cellar. Is there going to be another haunted house available?

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    I thought this event was cool cuz it was different. Very time consuming, yes. I think that was maybe too much, but I really liked the social aspect where you had to visit community farms. It was like trick or treating at other farms! Which was a suggestion I'd made, so I was tickled to see that that's kind of what we were doing. I think 10 farms was exactly the right amount, but I would have added a requirement -->

    * Change the hearts above buildings to pumpkins
    * Require to help out by "trick or treating" on each of the ten farms by clicking at least one pumpkin.
    * If you trick or treat 50 times, you get a smashing pumpkin.

    THEN, I would have done the deliveries, as well, and for each time you send your 20 deliveries (which is alot in one day), you get a great smashing pumpkin so that you can win a pet or decoration.

    One disappointment is that I really wanted alot more Halloween decorations. Right now, I've only won 3 pavers, a graveyard (which I love), and a mailbox. I would have preferred alot more than that like in other events. For instance, I have so much ice cream stuff and school stuff. But during Halloween not so much. I hope that fences and other things will be available to buy in the market before the month is up.

    Question: My cauldron was still running when the event ended, so it continued to count down afterward. I like that it's filled now. If I click on it, will it give me hats and such? Or will it just stay filled, and clicking on it won't empty it? I don't want it to empty! Unless it's gonna give me a pet or something.

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    My neighbors now selling 30 and 40 pirate hats. I just don’t get it. I finished a week before the event ended and I don’t even have a pirate hat in my barn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinafarm2015 View Post
    My neighbors now selling 30 and 40 pirate hats. I just don’t get it. I finished a week before the event ended and I don’t even have a pirate hat in my barn.
    It seems selfish of me but that’s what’s most annoying. I’ve come across at least ten people with all slots filled with 10 hats each. They couldn’t have been leftover because they forgot to finish. Which makes me think they were being held onto for whatever reason. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    I’ve been chatting about with some bakery and restaurant neighbors, because they are puzzled too.

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