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Thread: New events

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    New events

    If storm8 would introduce new kind of events. What would you like?

    For example Id like to see everything we can do or win right know to be much easiet, so that new events can fill the expensive part, with winnings like redecorating animals or designing your own habitat as a price.

    FFS is getting so boring, we need more ways to play this game!
    So bring up your ideas

    Maybe this should be under suggestions but as the board almost never seem to be read, I put it here.

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    First thing I'd like to see is more expansions, or at least the option for us to store our animals and premium habitats. Events are pointless if there is no room for us to do them.

    Now with that out of the way, I'd like to see them do something with coins. Some ideas I have are high yield crops, a spin-the-wheel that uses coins, and permanent animals in the shop that we can buy with coins.

    I agree that this game is getting boring. Even though we have nonstop events in the game, they're really repetitive, not to mention expensive and time consuming. It's exhausting, not fun. I understand that we can pick and choose which events we want to do, as well how much of it we want to complete. But in reality, once you give up on completing an event, you gradually start giving up on the game in general. That's how it is with me now. :\

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