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Thread: How many years to get to 100

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    How many years to get to 100

    I think it will take 22 years. I am old. I wont make it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatermaters View Post
    I think it will take 22 years. I am old. I wont make it
    I think more ��

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    Probably 50 years I won't make it either
    MissTwilight99. Only adding serious players on RS only who do goals, are active and respond to requests quickly. Tipping not as important. I tip most days and gift and accept requests often. Bakery & Restaurant, occasionally Fashion & Pet Shop too.

    "If you are searching for a reason to leave, stop. The search is a reason."

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    Haha. I just began playing again and it’s a fun little goal to give myself. Along with earning 9 million to do my next expansion without gems. And then finishing the rest with gems because I want to have fun decorating and don’t have time to save that much.

    I almost quit when I lost 48 gems accidentally hitting the boxes.

    But I’ve seen people getting to 100 in a year or two. They just have a ton of racks, lots of neighbors, visit a lot and I just saw someone mention purchasing a lot of those pink and purple plants. Because they give 444xp.

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    I started playing in August 2011 and reached level 100 in March 2017. That?s 5 years 8 months. I played almost every day but only have 32 ordering slots. For the first 5 years I played to master catalogs rather than maximize XP. It was only during the last few months that I decided to concentrate on ordering the highest XP items over and over again to reach level 100 more quickly.

    A player can reach level 100 much faster than that, though, if they buy a lot more ordering slots, order only the highest XP items (pink sporty tops and amethyst dresses), and buy loads of plum trees (highest XP decor items).

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