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Thread: Phasm Coin Wishes

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    Phasm Coin Wishes

    The prizes to choose for the Phasm Coin are prematurely gone from the Spell Shop.

    I want my Wish!

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    Yep. Mine too. and from the posts on the discussion thread lots of other people's as well. I was able to place my Cadabra dragon and get the coin but can't redeem it in the shop and there are still a couple of days left on the quest. Hope they fix this one quickly!

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    Same Here! I really wish S8 would stop dropping the ball on just about everything. I don't get it. Isn't there ANYONE at S8 paying any attention whatsoever to detail? EVERY EVENT NOW HAS SOME SORT OF BUG OR ISSUE!

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    The crafts are now available in the Spell Shop! We apologize for any inconvenience.

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