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Thread: Game crashes if I try to gift my friends

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    Game crashes if I try to gift my friends


    The game crashes every time I click on send gift or on gift in the Social/Neighbors menu.

    Please will you sort this. Thank you.

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    Same here. Crashes when gifting.

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    I, too, am having trouble gifting my neighbors. My game crashes also.

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    I tried to contact them in support they told me to use forum but still no answers

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    I’m having the same issues.

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    I am having the same problem..... every time I try to gift game crashes??

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    We have just released a new version of Fashion Story that fixes this issue (version 1.6.1). If the update is not available on the App Store yet, please try again later as it may take a couple hours for the update to become available for all users.

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