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Thread: Elven Outpost

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    Elven Outpost

    Can we please, please, please have an option to turn the bird off?

    I?m tired of being interrupted in the middle of a quest (chopping a rock, fighting a beast etc), just to watch a bird fly accross the screen. Not only do I not care about the bird, it makes everything on my screen tiny (I play on an iphone), and takes me well away from where I was concentrating in my game.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Many have been asking for this exact thing but as yet no response.

    Please voice your agreement here!
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    Please stop it! The flying bird disrupts everything in game. It was a novel the first two time she flew in and out but after that it's been nothing but a nuisance.

    Not to mention what I think the biggest upside to no flight path would be: the ability to finally move the Elven Outpost itself! That thing is such an obstacle to every player that's ever tried to reorganize their realm. I'd be so overjoyed if only I could move it that I wouldn't even care if we couldn't store the monstrosity. This is one change to the game that has ZERO downsides and I can guarantee no one would complain one bit about it.

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    I will get behind this petition. I haven’t had any real bad things happen, but it is just annoying to have it suddenly move the e tire board when I am collecting or moving stuff.

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    On topic. I never get anything but bronze tokens. Have 9 Gold after all this time. Never went anywhere with the story line!

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    I would like the option to turn off Nadina's animation as well. I don't understand why players are always forced to watch her, it's seriously SO DISRUPTIVE to game playing. It's few enough times that it's forgettable so when it does happen when you're in the middle of something, it's SO ANNOYING. I hope S8 lets us opt out of being forced to watch the bird return - Nadina can do her thing without bothering people.

    The timer for Nadina's deliveries is very prominently on the right side of the screen with its own icon, so it is entirely unnecessary to shift the entire screen to let players know she's returned.
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    Please add me to the list of players requesting the ability to turn of Nadina’s flight.

    I second everything that has already been said. It is incredibly annoying to be in the middle of a task and have the entire board zoom out and shift. It interrupts play and puts players at risk of accidentally tapping on the wrong thing and possibly losing gems. (Although I suspect this is by design.)

    Not to mention how wonderful it would be to be able to move the roost to an unused corner, if not store it completely. As an added bonus, it would also be great if it could have a smaller footprint!
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    It's October 2018, and still don't have enough gold tokens to do anything with them. lots of bronze which I. Spent on rock crops until I found you didn't get more of the items that we needed for quest

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