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Thread: Use Codex to select Battle candidate

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    Use Codex to select Battle candidate

    Another use of the Codex is to help select your candidate against the Battle Arena/Tournament dragon.
    From the Battle Chart posted with each Tournament thread, you know the strengths/weakness based on type/color.
    Use the Codex & select the type/color showing the least number of candidates.
    Scroll thru the candidates & select the ones showing 3 strengths(if available), 2 strengths or just 1 strength(=type/color advantage). Apparently 3 is the max. advantage even if you have 4 or 5 color advantage.
    If your candidates has other type/color, discard those that have the weakness type/color listed in the Battle chart.
    So you now have a shortlist of battle candidates using the Codex.
    Please note that some limited/event dragons are not included in the Codex(yet?) & I have no info on Artic types being in the Codex or not.

    Hope I have explained enough & not confused more than helped.

    Please be careful NOT to disenchant your dragon by mistake or being in a hurry. The Codex response is slow.
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