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Thread: New Levels

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    New Levels

    Hey Lincstrake! Hope you are doing alright. Just picked the game back up after stopping in the early 900s. Are they really up into the 1200s? Are they new or repeats like they started doing? Thanks Linc! Take care

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    I'm in the mid 1000s, as far as I can tell the levels are all repeats. Some from way earlier levels, some from just like 50 levels ago. It's kind of annoying in my opinion. Some of the levels were hard to beat and now we have to do it again!

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    Hi, Bubbleizer.
    Nice to hear from you, as always.
    I agree exactly with what catster50 wrote.
    There are a small number of new levels that are not familiar to me, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are new. They may simply be levels I beat quickly in the past, and then quickly forgot about.

    I don't know if they are really into the 1200s. Like catster50, I am in the mid 1000s. Only at most five unvisited (clouded) islands are shown at a time, so it is impossible to know the true number.

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    Lincstrake, just wondering what is your playing style? do you just play the current level until you beat it? I usually spend a few lives on that and then go back and try to get three starts on previous levels. The most annoying part of these repeat levels is that ones I can't get three stars on are now popping up as new levels!

    Also, did you notice that the island "backgrounds" are even repeats!

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    Hi I'm up to 1797, after I've reached each island 4 or 5 more cloud ones appear. Used to love this game but Tbh every game for the last few hundred levels has been a repeat so the game is becoming a bit boring now which is a shame

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