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Thread: Game does not work on ios12.

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    Game does not work on ios12.

    The game will not load on ios12.

    Is this a compatibility issue?

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    Hey guys, this is known and the development team is currently investigating the issue.
    When more information is available an update will be posted.
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    After updating iOS I can’t get into my pet shop it’s been about a week and I would really like to continue playing any update on this issue? Thank you

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    Just tried again to open my shop and still not able to is there any news as to when it should be fixed? Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help

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    Hi everyone. We have released a new version of Pet Shop Story that fixes this issue (version 1.2.0).

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    Exclamation New update screwed up the game!! I need help

    I tried contacting Storm8 earlier but they sent an email that said...
    We have limited support services for Pet Shop Story and will not be able to respond to individual requests.

    So I came here and I hope you guys can help me.

    Ever since I updated Pet Shop Story with the NEWEST Update (9/25/18), the game fails to start. I click the game, and it shows it trying to load, but it never goes past the initial title screen. It crashes, and brings me back to my home screen. I have downloaded the game on two other phones to test if my IPad Mini (1st Gen) is the issue, but the game crashes on both these other phones, which are IPhone 5Cs that run on IOS 10.3.3. My IPad runs on IOS 9.3.5.
    I really love this game and I am frustrated that I cannot play it any longer. Please tell me how to fix this, or if Storm8 is working on fixing this glitchy update. Please tell me what I can do to fix this! I've spent REAL MONEY on this game and it was my favorite game on my whole phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    Thanks for your pm. I've reported this over and waiting for the team to advise. Thanks.
    Thank you SO MUCH! Please tell me when they have a response!

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    They said these seem to be lower end devices and might not have the minimum hardware needed to run the games. I will suggest that you update your devices to iOS 12 if you are able to. I'm sorry that you are unable to play.

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