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Thread: iOS 12 Update Issues

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    There is a new update available at the App Store now. It seems to have fixed my problem. Good luck.

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    Hi everyone. We have released a new version of Home Design Story that fixes this issue (version 1.1.0).

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    I'm having the exact same problem..I did an update on Home Design and now it won't open.

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    Mine isn’t opening either. Plz help

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    Can anyone tell me if there will be another update for Home Design? The last update made my H.D. Crash and won't open! Please help!

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    I am having the same issue. Home Design Story won't load. I play on a 3rd generation iPad. I don't want to lose everything I've worked hours on. I am more hopeful that they will fix it after seeing others are having this issue. Please add to thread if you're having this problem. Maybe someone will feel sorry for us.

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    I don't see update at App Store. When I clicked on old game it brought me to the loading screen and would not open. Does this mean I've already updated and that is my problem?

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    any idea when the game will be updated? it has been over a week now. thank you.

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