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Thread: "Value Pack" Gifts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyday5 View Post
    Now we know that the Value Pack is a Halloween scarecrow for $1.99. If you have bought one, can you please post a picture? I can't tell how it looks from the tiny thumbnail pic
    This thread was speaking of the "Value Pack" in the parts list which is different from the Value Pack bundles that pop up for sale from time to time.

    That said, the Halloween Scarecrow offer seems to be a random one as I have no such thing in my game. I do own a Halloween Scarecrow, it's a 3x3 deco from the Classy Halloween mystery box (3rd prize) that I got when it was on sale for 12 gems. Here are the pics of the scarecrow I own, hopefully it's the one that you're asking after:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    @Mods This is the second question in the last week about sales. Not sure if s8 would confirm for you or not... but if they're going to start offering the bundles again perhaps a dedicated sales thread could be created so there's an obvious place for players to post and discuss the sale items?

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    Yep, that?s the scarecrow I?m being offered and it looks real cute. Thank you! I ?assumed? everyone got the offer and that it first showed up in the parts list as a glitch.

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