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Thread: Lani's Express Order disappeared

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    Lani's Express Order disappeared


    I startet goal 1 of Lani’s Express Order. I got the reward of 100 coins and then the second goal did not appear. I have no Lani’s Express Order in my task List. No possibility it get the goldstamp. Any idea how to see the second goal? It must be something like this:
    Serve Currant Crusted Chicken x2
    Serve Chicken Noodle Soup x4
    Serve Chicken Alfredo x4

    I cooked these 10 dishes, but nothing happened, no golden stamp. The other tasks (Lani's Tasting Menu and A Special Menu for Lani!) are quit normal.

    Any suggestions?

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    The same happened to me ...

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    This happened to me too, any idea how to fix it?

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    Same here

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    The same happened to me.

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    Exactly the same issue this week! So I lost the second golden stamp this way!

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    Lani's express goal -duplicated? [18 Sept 2018]

    my goal book show 2 Lani's express goal.
    one masked (wait for user to click to activate 48 hr goal), while the other one show the dishes required.
    are there two express goal in total? or the one unmasked would not count towards rewards? i have not clicked on the masked one as i do not have counter available anymore.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm missing the second goal too and have flagged this over again. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for now until the team fixes this.

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