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Thread: Restaurant Story: September 2018

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    Sep 2012

    Need considerate neighbors

    Please add me if:
    You play all goals and gift GOAL PARTS ONLY. Tipping not necessary. I gift goal parts only and respond to requests daily.

    Please DO NOT add me if:
    You gift anything other than current goal parts.
    If after you get enough goal stoves, you start sending worthless non goal parts, DO NOT ADD ME.

    I am tired of self-centered neighbors that are only concerned with they need. If you are like that, DO NOT ADD ME.

    🆔 is: Lambysheep

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    Sep 2018
    add me: Lyss408

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    I gift/cook/fill request daily but only tip occasionally. I would like higher level neighbors that play regularly as well, primarily for gifting purposes!

    My ID is angeleyes17.

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    New player but plan to be active!

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    I'm a daily player😊❤️
    This is my 🆔 "Neeneee2001"
    Plz add me!!

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    hello! I would like to have some neighbors i give gifts and your needs! I'm also new to restaurant story please add me!

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    Mar 2018
    Please add me. Daily player and gifted. Level 99

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    Add me bubblesrex

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    I no longer need neighbors. All requests will be declined.
    Last edited by thepuppyplace3; 09-29-18 at 09:32 AM.

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    123321devon321123 bakery story and just started restaurant story, same id for both! need parts and will return!

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