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Thread: Grand migration Wing Gate gone?

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    Grand migration Wing Gate gone?

    I woke up this morning with a day left to complete the event with all the quest items gone?

    I'm wondering if this is a bug or intended? Cause it's kind of a piss off if they removed everything pertaining to the event before it's even ended!

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    Mine was there earlier this morning before I was to that step but now that I am ready for it, it is gone also. I think it disappeared when the new event was released. I already turned in a support ticket to S8 because there are still 13 hrs left in the event so hopefully they put it back before it's too late.

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    i have the same problem

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    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Vanellope View Post
    Thanks for your report! It should be resolved now
    Yes. It's back. Thank you for the speedy response.

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    I play on an iPad and mine didn’t come back. I shut it down and brought it back up but it is still missing.

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