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Thread: COMMUNITY EVENT: Fairy Fun - 2018 Aug 31 (POLL ADDED)

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jul 2016
    I am one of those people who isn't exerting that much effort on the forest parties. I did just unlock the community prizes, but as someone said earlier, this event in particular feels like we're being set-up to fail (unless we want to pour buckets of gems into the event). That's why I don't really try very hard. I keep reminding myself that this game is classified as social/casual, so I try to play it somewhat casually so I don't neglect my obligations in real life. I will be astonished if we make the food level this time. It's at about 14.3m right now, with only 14.25 hours left. 38m looks mighty far away.

    Oh, I also meant to add that I feel like an earlier forest party wanted 125m for the runes, so it's probably just too many apathetic players like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativeelfstar View Post
    I do not enjoy being setup to fail over and over again. The community events are always discouraging. I cannot recall ever completing since I joined last year. In the future I will not even try because I know I will not be able to complete this even unless they lower the goals or give more options for obtaining points. I refuse to waste gems on this event.
    It has gotten rediculous and I have been playing for years, we used to be able to finish all events until they got too greedy. These monthly events are a joke as well, I can never get the prizes. Have not been able to breed the animals that give you more points also for a long time. I think that it is rigged, how can u breed the required animals for seven days and still not get it. I will not spend any more gems to get the final animal. I have to keep telling myself that it doesn?t matter and not to give in. I think that I should give tales and community events a miss from now on and grow food instead. Very disappointed with this game and no wonder so many have left.

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    Fashion Designer
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    Sep 2013
    New York
    About 170pts left.. I think I may fall short by just a little. And have no gems to spend on it..I've never got this close before on a WE. ...sigh...

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    The last few events have been very disappointing. The last leaderboard, a user had 3 accounts all named virtually the same. Of course, the person came in first 3 spots. Now the points are so high on this event it is not possible to finish without spending tons of money. I really hate to leave this game but getting closer every day.

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    Executive Chef
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    Apr 2015
    No way we are getting the food, and don't even think about getting the runes. Only at 16M if we are lucky. This is the first time we only get the first community price.
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

    Crystal Unicorn @03-2017
    2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @05-17
    3th; Garnet Griffin @08-17
    4th; Pearl Peryton @10-17
    5th; Emerald Dragon @05-18
    6th; Spinel Ravenstag @06-18
    7th; Ruby Razorback @09-18
    8th; Jasper Dragon @03-19
    9th; Obsidian Cyclops @03-19
    10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @06-19
    11th; Valkyrie @08-19
    12th; Topaz Tiger @10-19
    13th; Granite Golem @12-19
    14th; Onyx Direwolf @01-20
    15th; Peridot Phoenix @02-20

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    Grand Emperor
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    Jun 2014
    I'm not optimistic about reaching the food and runes prizes. Sad to miss them out, especially the runes.

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    Grand Emperor
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    Jun 2014
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Sep 2017
    I think this is the first time since I've been playing this game(about 2 years now) that we haven't been able to get at least the second community prize. If we do get the food prize, which at this point looks doubtful, I will be shocked. I agree with other posters that A lot of people have stopped playing and that is affecting the community totals. I also agree with another poster that it feels like we are set up to fail. The points required for the prizes just aren't doable for the majority of players. I think it was such a tease that we earn 2 "bonus point" items but between the 2 we only get a measly 20 points every 4 hours. The WE in dragon story was overhauled for a major improvement, although i think it still needs to be tweaked a little more in favor of the players, and I think the same should happen in this game.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2016
    WA, USA
    I don’t mind the recycled animals for early prizes; however, I am disappointed the goals seem harder to achieve. Disappointed also that many people are apathetic about playing. Seems like S8 needs to do some goodwill building. Might start by looking at world events and making them easier to achieve. Not being able to breed special animals during a seven day window is also a place to look for issues. Make these animals easier to breed would go a long ways to repairing bad feeling from avid players.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jul 2016
    2.5 hours left, and we're not even halfway to the food.

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