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Thread: GOAL: Camping Treats - 2018 Aug 30

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    Side Goal - S'mores Part 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baker9081 View Post
    I gotta say, I?m loving the new collections feature. It?s awesome that we get to collect parts without relying on our neighbors so much. I?ve got my 3 ovens up and running. I?m thinking this isn?t going to be so tough after all.
    I totally agree with you. I did not like to relying so much on my neighbors for getting all my parts. The last time I requested for something, I noticed some of them reply to that request TWO DAYS later... Did you bought a box with parts? I am thinking of getting one... or two! Lol

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    does anyone knows how many pieces we need marsmallow and chocolate gear on 2nd appliance ?thank you ...

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    I like being able to make parts BUT 28 HAS STORM8 lost their marbles ! WAY WAY TO MANY PARTS ! But the theme is nice and I like the recipes and decor ! Also GEMS FOR BOXES WITH PARTS NOT WORTH IT ! I’d rather spend what it takes to complete the oven out right it’s cheaper !

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    I'll give this new system a chance but if I miss the goal like I did on restaurant story, I'm out. I hardly ever missed completing the goals before and I have been playing for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baker9081 View Post
    If you think about it, we are getting rewarded for cooking recipes that are already counting towards the goal... and we are getting free parts!

    If we don?t have to make any more requests for things that aren?t even parts, I?m much happier with this format than the previous one.
    I'm agree with you, only first 1-2 hours make your fingers hot but after you built ovens, enjoy the cooking and get collectibles, and even if we'll have 72 [arts again for 2nd appliance i'm okay with that, it's better than wait 1-2 days until you'll build one oven and think will you complete the goal or not

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    anyone have part 2?

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    Side Goal S'more Part 2 of 3

    Serve 30 Donut Frosty (4hours) from Drink Mixer
    Serve 30 Peanut Butter Cookies (8hours) from Normal /easy Oven

    Side Goal S’more Part 3 of 3

    Serve 20 Matcha (1hour) from Drink Mixer
    Serve 20 Arroz Con Leches (4hours) from Normal/ easy Oven

    Side Goal Prize : Hiker (1x1) Display

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    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    Anyone know if there's a prize for completing steps 1 and 2 of the side goal? In RS it was parts and worth doing

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    Yeah, this is stupid! The rate of part drops is very low!!! It will take 15 days just to built! I don’t want to take the whole 15 days to finish a stupid goal. That’s not enjoyable, it’s annoying. This is just getting pathetic!
    Add me if you are a high level player who gifts parts only and gifts goal parts and accepts requests during goals! Must do goals so you know what parts are needed! I rarely tip. No tips required. Food gifters get deleted.

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