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Thread: Goodbye everybody

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    Goodbye everybody

    I am Edenroc, and I have been playing since the beginning of this game.
    I quit the game because there is no more expandable place since months
    I want to thank you all for your help, specially jimatarii (and all of you who helped before)
    and Rynetory2 for helping when we got stuck somewhere, and my neighbours
    whom I gemed everyday and who gemed back everyday, thank you

    Quitting the game with sadness but there is no sense to stay just
    watching how beautiful lands I could buy, and absolutely no possibilitiy to expand...

    Good bye everyone and take care
    Merci ? tous et bonne continuation

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    I'm very sad to hear that you are leaving. You will be missed. Hopefully you will come back when there are new expansions in the future. Your game will be here when you do. All the best and do take care.

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    It's a sad day when anyone in the community leaves, but we wish you the best! We appreciate your support and the time you spent with us over the years! I'll make sure to let the developers know that expansions are needed in order for everyone to have more space for their animals to run around.

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