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Thread: Help! Expansion limit in Fantasy Forest Story

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    Please pardon my lack of experience in posting. I play under MomMom1 and I think my ID is Gkid3. I?ve been playing this game with my Gkids for years..we are at level 200, and it appears there are no more expanding spaces. Accumulating runes takes time and to not use them for their intended purpose is frustrating. Any help or information about this would be greatly appreciated. If we can?t expand, we will have to start deleting animals and or adjust are decor which my granddaughter loves. Any ray of hope with a projected date would be awesome as with all kids their attention spam is microscopic.

    Hoping for a relative answer soon..thank you so much..MomMom1 (Gkid3)

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We'll forward this to our development team.

    Please note the game requires players to be 13 years of age or older to access or play the game.

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