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Thread: RS: Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestion Thread

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    RS: Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestion Thread

    🎃🍂⛄❄️ Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestions ❄️⛄🍂🎃

    Hi everyone,

    It's that time of year again! With the holiday season coming up, what items would you like to see in your Restaurant?

    Please post your suggestions for new items you'd like to see, as well as older items you'd like to see return These can range from decorations and crates to appliances, recipes, and even furniture!

    This applies to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Winter Holidays. This thread will close in a few weeks, so post your wishlist quickly!

    [Note: This thread is for items and suggestions. Please do not post new/current game features.]
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    plzz bring back these items if form of goals or sales...if not possible...then bring back the old appliances ( stoves of christmas, thanksgiving, Halloween) Thankyou Mod 💟🍁🎅🎄🎃

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    In general I'd like to have Holiday versions of the game like we used to get for iOS and Android alike. I love it when the customers and backgrounds reflect the theme of the updates.

    - Halloween door to match the windows we have.
    - Relisting those older Halloween Windows (can't think of their name) they're arched with Jack-o-lanterns at the bottom.
    - Dark grey and red themed decos, we've had a lot of purple and orange over the years
    - Gingerbread or Sugar Plum Fairy themed goals
    - Some holiday floor tiles that aren't so busy.
    Black Friday:
    -Gem Dispenser
    -Decos from way back in the beginning of the game, the limited and holiday items especially.
    -The 1st-2nd items from mystery boxes.
    -Also, if there are any tables on offer it would be super great to see the matching items that released with it instead of just a
    mish-mash of unrelated items. If one needs to buy a table they missed out on, chances are they missed out on the other items from
    that update as well.

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    Frosty crate, classy halloween, gingerbread gift box, halloween chest, holiday crate, true love tree, love's eternal flame, turkey parade float, saloon bar, saloon card table, penguin slide, sea trainer, ice unicorn, ice bar, ice wolves, thankful centerpiece, carved-wood turkey, wicked spell station, wicked throne and wicked cat, ice bear, carolers, some new beautiful winter, thanksgiving, halloween decorations, new and old removed recipes, monster crate, mystery mummy crate, all the crates that we all could choose what we'd like to get for our restaurants

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    I would love Mummy Pizza, Ghost Cookies, Ghost Drink, Flying Bat Cake with Red Blood Filling, Chocolate Spider Web Tart with Green Slime Filling, Haunted Pizza with Ghosts, Spiders and Basil Topping, Dracula Cookies, Bat Kabobs with scary mushrooms, Black Dragon Table and Chair, 4x2 Haunted Dinner Buffet and Halloween door.

    I would love Peach Cobbler and Banana Pudding for Thanksgiving.

    I would love Standing Rib Roast, Beef Wellington, Baked Alaska, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Black Forrest Cake, Polar Bear Cookies, and Gingerbread Cookies for Christmas.

    Please Please Bring back Fire Pit Grill (Eggplant Recipe)
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    Hi MOD thanks for asking.
    I could be greedy cuz i really want all the OLD ITEMS back for sales especially Halloween and Winter (tables/chairs/decoration/crates/goal items) these are my most wanted list ~
    PLEASE bring it all back !!

    And i also wish for some new items for
    Halloween-flying ghostee decoration/vampire house decoration
    Winter-winter wonderland decoration/white Christmas house decoration/lighting trees decoration

    Thank you so much
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    Putting in my two cents here~ Will edit/elaborate when I have the time.


    I'd love to see RS go in a more Gothic direction this time for Halloween - a little more "quietly creepy", with pieces that really create an haunted atmosphere, like a place has been abandoned for some time.

    • Wallpaper/Flooring:
      • I don't know if this is possible to do with flooring, but it would be really cool to have a foggy floor, with fog rising from the floor, so customers walk through mist to get tho their tables.
      • If not that, something I've been really, really hoping for over the years is a dirt floor - we could use this in conjunction with so many other items to create a spooky scene, especially an outdoor scene.
      • Rickety floorboards, perhaps with a plank missing here or there
      • Peeling or slashed wallpaper
        Spoiler: show
    • Wall Decor:
      • I'd love to see a rusty, broken screen door
        Spoiler: show
      • Wall candles that have been extinguished, so only wisps of smoke are rising from the wick
      • Interchangeable sets of spooky portraits (ex. one set is normal, the other set is spooky)
      • Creeping wall ivy
    • Floor Decor:
      • More 1x1 characters in costume to place around the restaurant - for example, a fairy, a superhero, a pirate, etc.
        • Would especially love to see Gran-Gran, Phoebe, and Lee in costume Gran-Gran as a sorceress, Phoebe as Red Riding Hood, Lee as a superhero chef maybe?
      • Halloween-themed restaurant staff. Example: a skeleton waiter, a genie maitre'd, a ghost waitress, etc.
        Spoiler: show

      • A set of street lamps - one normal, one with a sinister purple glow, and one cracked with no glow at all:
        Spoiler: show
      • To go with the Haunted House and Haunted Clocktower we already have, maybe an Abandoned House that has fallen into disrepair:
        Spoiler: show
      • A Gothic Candelabra
        Spoiler: show
      • A wrought-iron fence divider, with some spokes bent out of shape
    • Furniture:
      • A new host table, sleek and black with a torn orange/purple apron and mist emanating from the base
      • A "hovering" table - one with a tablecloth but no visible base. How does it stay up??

    For returning items, I'd love to see the Good Witch, Wicked Witch display (4x4; 1st place prize in the Musical Crate) offered as an LTO, as well as additional Halloween decor items from years past (Headless Horseman, Crashing Witch, Jack o Lanterns, etc.) and past Halloween boxes on sale


    Thanksgiving got its own post here because of how long my idea became Really hope it's considered!

    Other general autumn suggestions:
    • A goal or side goal that lets us unlock the Apple Cider recipe on the Drink Machine - this is so perfect for the season but it's remained locked on the Drink Machine since 2011. With other recipes being unshackled recently, I'm hoping this one will make the cut

    Black Friday
    • Please bring back the 40% off gem sale!
    • I also second twospoons's request for additional appliance slots to be discounted!

    • A 4x4 Sleigh Ride display - a couple or a family snuggled under warm blankets in a sleigh pulled by two horses
      Spoiler: show

    • Phoebe, Gran-Gran, and Chef Lee bundled up in outerwear
    • Returning Christmas recipes. Honestly, RS has a HUGE number of Christmas/winter recipes that were retired from regular appliances, and it would be great if they could come back and stay. We haven't had recipe additions to basic appliances in a very, very long time
      Spoiler: show

    • Credit to youki388 and devlinholic for this next suggestion - a 4x4 Christmas dinner, with Gran Gran, Phoebe, and Chef Lee dressed in festive attire gathering around a dining table that's been dressed for the holiday, set with candles and food like Roast Beef, a Yule Log, a jug of Cranberry Cider or Eggnog glasses, etc. This is honestly a lovely idea, and even though we've had quite a few goal prizes with people gathered around tables having a good time, this one is special, simply because it's about family and nostalgia, and pays homage to the original RS trio of characters

    New Year's Eve
    • A 4x4 New Year's Performance display - lots of singers do special New Year's Eve shows to welcome the new year around the world, so why not in RS? The display could be a glitzy stage with a band and singer, complete with glitter, balloons, and confetti to ring in the new year.
    • PARTY RECIPES! Examples: Brie Encroute, Olive Tapenade, Sparkling Ciders of different variations (ex. Apple, Grape, Pomegranate, Blueberry, etc.), Champagne Cupcakes, Cheese Fondue, and many more
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    It's August, but okay...

    Halloween: guys did a really great job bringing the creepy factor last year instead of little kid type halloween. I say just stick with that!

    Thanksgiving: I'd love to see the turkey & cornucopia balloons/floats from BS' parade crate migrate over, and the cheerleaders & tiny cars too. Maybe a goal theme could be our restaurant prepares food to donate to a shelter, and then the appliances, whatever foods they cook, could make a lot of servings?

    Black Friday: if I could have any 1 item, it would be the indoor flow, out of box so I could actually get it. 2nd wish is for extra appliance slots to get discounted.

    Christmas (my winter holiday of choice, but I appreciate decorations for other holidays in solidarity with my neighbors): hard to say, since those of us playing a long time have lots of xmas stuff already. I mean, I'd love the gingerbread castle out of box, but that seems unlikely! You could do a New York City christmas though, and have wall decor that looks like fancy xmas window displays. And bell ringers for the sidewalks.
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    Please bring back old appliances like thankful oven, frozen lake stove, north pole oven, frosty fountain, frozen lake fountain.

    Also i really love the blossom table and chair and watermelon table.
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    Thank you for asking for our input!

    RS can benefit from exploring themes that stretch the bandwidth of holidays/celebrations, etc.


    1.We desperately need more expansions . Please!

    2.Bodhi Day: 8 December*– Day of Enlightenment

    3.Diwali: mid-October–mid-November*( Festival of Lights )

    4. Yule time - Odin ( Norse mythology god)

    5. Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights

    Thanks, again

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