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Thread: RS: Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestion Thread

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    Thanksgiving - Modular Kitchen Idea

    Since so much of Thanksgiving takes place in the kitchen - ingredients, turkey roasting in the oven, pie prep, etc. - and because restaurants demand large kitchens, it would be great to receive multiple, smaller, modular kitchen pieces that we can place in the restaurant to design our own Master Kitchen.

    RS actually explored this before with the Father's Day Goal content back in 2016 (pictured below). The content introduced was for an outdoor kitchen however; I'm hoping the same concept could translate to an indoor kitchen.

    Pictured: Counters, Appliances, and Floor Decor prizes from the 2016 Father's Day Goal. The appliances and kitchen-based floor decor blend in with the counters, which gives us the ability to move things around and create our own kitchen layout.

    The idea: to have counters and floor decor, based on the same counter design, which when placed side by side "attach" with each other seamlessly.

    --The base: a standard counter that works as a normal counter would in RS. Designed so it can "attach" seamlessly with another countertop when they're placed side by side.
    --The other "mods" would be the same counter design with something in or on them, and coded as floor decor b/c they shouldn't have food placed on top.

    Example mods:
    --a 1x1 sink
    -- a 1x1 (or 2x1) pie prep space
    --a 2x1 in-counter stovetop (non-appliance)
    --a 1x1 counter piled high with mixing bowls
    --a 1x1 counter with a fruit bowl on top (maybe a display of pumpkins and squash for the season), or a fall centerpiece on top
    --a 1x1 counter with a crate of empty mason jars atop, ready for jam/canning
    --a 1x1 counter with an open cookbook
    --a 1x1 counter with an open oven underneath (again non-appliance)
    --a 1x1 counter with open shelves underneath, housing pots and pans, etc.

    Non-modular floor decor (but still wanted for the kitchen and for autumn):
    --Gran Gran holding a freshly baked pie (maybe her famous Boysenberry Pie!)
    --Phoebe wearing a fall apron holding a mixing bowl
    --An autumn pantry, featuring autumn goodies like jars of pickled/canned produce, pumpkins, squash, figs, apples, etc.

    Wall Decor (inspiration pics in spoiler tag):
    --Double wall ovens
    --An autumn apron on a wall hook (I hated hated hated the aprons on dress forms during their run, and I'm glad they're gone, but I'd love aprons on hooks as wall decor And you can go with so many prints with these - a classic autumn plaid, to a multicolored leaf pattern, to pumpkins; it's great!
    --Wall-mounted spice rack
    --Stainless Steel vent hood
    --Wall-mounted plate rack

    Spoiler: show

    Double wall ovens. The ones in-game don't necessarily need to have a light on; these ones in the picture do for aesthetic:

    Autumn Aprons:

    Stainless steel vent hood:

    Wall-mounted plate rack:

    --Plaid is huge for autumn, but hasn't really been explored in RS, so plaid-themed tables and chairs (maybe dark wood tables and chairs with plaid runners/tablecloths and seat cushions?) would be great.
    Inspiration board:
    Spoiler: show

    Appliances and Recipes:
    --As with the Father's Day goal content pictured above, it would be really nice to have appliances that can go with the countertops
    --It's soup season! RS could have an appliance dedicated entirely to soups for Thanksgiving and I'd be souper happy Ideas:
    • Split Pea Soup
    • Potato Leek Soup
    • Cream of Mushroom Soup
    • Kale and White Bean Soup
    • Black Bean Soup
    • Roasted Red Pepper Soup

    Spoiler: show

    --Other recipes to complete the Thanksgiving meal:
    • Turkey Roulade (a creative twist on the traditional turkey offering)
    • Turkey Drumsticks
    • Hickory Smoked Turkey
    • Roasted Rainbow Carrots
    • Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    • Pumpkin Bundt Cake

    Spoiler: show

    Turkey Roulade:

    Hickory Smoked Turkey:

    Roasted Rainbow Carrots:

    Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (this particular recipe utilized caramelized pears and pecans as the stuffing ):

    Pumpkin Bundt Cake (topped with roasty pumpkin seeds!):

    Special Requests (please please please note these!!!):
    • Goal recipes usually produce smaller quantities, but Thanksgiving is supposed to be about BOUNTY, and is infamous for leftovers!! Whatever recipes we do get, please give us a large quantity of servings!!!
    • Get creative with the crockery! I hate hate hate seeing sheet pans and cooking pots used as servingware on counters People go all out for autumn with their tableware and servingware, and I'd like that to be reflected in Restaurant Story. I'd love to see some wonderful fall-themed servingware ideally, but there is also a lovely range of oven- or stove-to-table enameled stoneware that would be perfect for this if the art assets need to be reused.
      Spoiler: show

      Soup Tureen, Soup Bowl, and Platter set:

      Another soup tureen:

      Stove-to-table soup pots - the artwork could literally go from soup being prepared in one of these on the stove, to served on a counter top, with minimal change while still looking leagues better than a stainless steel pot

      Ceramic-Enameled Stove/Oven-to-Table Dutch Oven:

      Oven-to-table casserole dish:

      Additional autumn-friendly oven-to-table dishes:

      Ceramic Pumpkin Baker/Soup Tureen:

      Woven Ceramic Bread Basket:


    Finally, for extra inspiration, some Thanksgiving preparation scenes - these would be lovely to see atop some of the counter "mods":

    Some kitchen prep pics, with more ideas for countertop decor:

    And some pics of Thanksgiving spreads on dining tables Note that NONE OF THESE HAVE SHEET PANS OR COOKWARE ON THEM - the food has been elegantly presented in servingware, and I really hope the food in RS follows suit.

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    Please bring back the Halloween Monster tables and chairs plus the Gothic tables and chairs.
    For Christmas I would like to buy a few more Snowman table and Snowman chairs. Those chairs are so cute.
    And if we never had them, it would be nice to be able to have Santa's reindeer similar to the ones at Bakery Story.

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    Pls bring back the followings or make them available for gem purchase:
    Mummy, Hungry mummy, Haunted butler, Frankie, Creepy kid, Halloween Lamp post, Lightbug lantern, Camp sign, Camp tent, Lemonade stand.

    I also wish to unlock recipes in hotdog stand Thx!!

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    Halloween.. the Arch ways would be a cool comeback or a spooky fence.. more decor like couches and cauldron etc. Oh and floor items like a candle holder

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    Please bring back if possible:

    1. Gem Dispenser
    2. Cowboy Poker
    3. Rotisserie
    4. Tropical Elephant
    5. Butterfly Garden
    6. Volleyball
    7. Old stoves of Halloween and Christmas

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    I want a spooky halloween and here are my suggestions how about a refrigerator partially open with a head on a plate inside that will be spooky. or a group of friends playing spirit of the glass on a table. Or a ghost hiding partially in a spooky tree ready to attacked a passerby. Or a chandelier with ghost hanging on it.

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    Halloween Arches! Christmas arches but allowing customers to walk through them what’s the purpose of arches if they have to walk around them. And quantity of food, it’s got to be more than 400 servings. Holidays should have plenty of food for your customers. Bring back the parade for Thanksgiving

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    Not sure what past goals have been, but I'd like to see..

    - Macy's Parade goal theme (generic "Thanksgiving Parade") with big "Tom Turkey" float/deco as prize (I love that dude)
    - Christmas parade goal theme with float or deco as prize (Santa float?)
    - Cute tables and chairs! Turkey (turkey leg chairs?) Cornucopia, Red/Green, Presents (gift wrapped tables?)
    - Cute holiday goal food that yields a decent amount of food
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    Cats, in winter hats, in snow, in witches' hat's just Cats, fed up with dogs, raccoons would be nice too 

    Winter clysedales miss them from when I got hacked
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    Halloween items tables and chairs past ones. Decor any and all to do with Halloween 🎃 👻😈. Wallpaper and flooring too please have a sale if not this is my last season for sure especially with the new goals.

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