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Thread: GOAL: Double Bubble - 2018 Aug 16

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeybasenji View Post
    It seems that all collectibles for root beer oven have disappeared?
    Read in bs that collectibles for ovens disappear when new goaal starts

    this is so unfair we should have been warned!!

    Anybody else experiencing this without knowing this would happen???
    Perhaps you didn't read the information posted by Moderators in the goal thread? The information had been added to Post 1 as we got them.

    Merged duplicate thread to existing thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimtoos2 View Post
    I was one of the ppl who lost jars But I hadn't! Like you my numbers bounced around and then showing 9/10 etc. I Finally realized it didn't show 3rd number, once it past 100 it showed 10!!! My guess it will be same for you! I did still not receive all 4 all the time though. I would have 50 of 1 jar and 20 of a different 1.Once you collect below the 100 mark it should show like 99, 70 whatever, etc. The moderator says jars will probably vanish so turn the jars into parts!! Would have loved this goal if it only had less parts required!!! Love challenges, but even with getting jars 72 each is just too out there, too much stress. Really hoping S8 rethinks the goals!! Hope this helps!
    now that makes sense! that we saw only 2 digits, but super confusing and funny! hahaha

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    This last goal set was not fun. I normally complete every single goal but not this time. Having to cook the very food you need to get parts to build the appliances sucked. Please don't do that anymore! Also slow down on the goals give us a break.

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    Too many parts!

    I used to make lots of the better appliances. Not anymore. It is not fun to get all those parts. It’s Boring. Until the parts go back to a normal amount, I won’t be finishing any goal.

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    Sabe de nada inocente! Sou livre para falar o que eu bem quiser!

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