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Thread: Plates Sold Per Minute

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    Plates Sold Per Minute

    Sorry i don't know where else to ask this
    Sorry because it's only an ordinary question...

    Is there anyone who knows exactly how many plates are sold per minute?
    I found people who said 28 and 30, i want to know the exact because it will effect my calculation for profit per hour

    Thank you guys for the reply!

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    No one can answer for you:

    Bots take a certain amount of time to eat a meal (I think 20 seconds). That number doesn't change, each bot will always sit at its table and eat for 20 seconds. But, each bot will take a varying amount of time to get to its table, depending on how far that table is from the door and/or host stand. So if you're using an efficient layout, and each bot only takes 10 seconds to get to its table, and then 20 seconds to eat, you can sell [max # of bots you get at one time] x 2 plates per minute.

    But if your tables are spread out and it takes a bot 40 seconds to walk to its seat, you would only sell [max # of bots] per minute.

    Sorry, I don't know the max bots at one time! I don't think it's as high as 30 though. But that's a guess.
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    Twospoons is correct; there's no way to know exactly how many plates are sold per minute as it depends on your restaurant layout and customer turnover rate.

    There is a thread that discusses how players can design their restaurant for the most efficient profit/turnover rate, which can be viewed here. You can check it out and see if it would help

    Since the topics are fairly similar, please continue your discussion on that thread. I will be closing this one to avoid a duplicate topic thread.


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