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Thread: Test drive newer goals and systems with Storm 8 staff so they understand issues

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    Test drive newer goals and systems with Storm 8 staff so they understand issues

    Hi. I have played Restaurant Story for almost 7 years on a daily basis- so obviously I love the game. However the recent changes with the Root Beer goal and now the Bacon goal have caused me concern. Expecting 40 new and unique parts to make 1 appliance, even with outstanding neighbors across worldwide time zones, is no longer fun. Yesterday I completed the Bacon Roses ( which I love- very cute) with 2 stoves but can?t go on to the second food without the 3rd oven! So I have been stuck for almost 24 hours, waiting til midnight when I could request/gift parts for the 3rd oven. This is new and now I am waiting for those parts even though I have 2 unused ovens I could use. Plus, I do not plan to waste my precious gems on a 3rd bacon oven- so I am an unhappy customer right now.😢I do not think I am the only one feeling this way based on comments I have seen.

    ⚡️I would like to issue a challenge to the Restaurant Design team and Management who are creating these rules and ideas. I challenge you to play the 15 day 🥓Bacon🥓 challenge real-time right now as a test run, like we are doing. Most businesses do test runs or pilots before implementing major changes, and it would be wise for you, as well. I think this will help you understand some of the frustrations we are experiencing. Set up dummy restaurants, obtain neighbors amongst yourselves and experience the current version of this game. Buy gems if you must, but keep track of how much you spend. With the 3 major time zones-can you finish the goal? Will you be setting alarm clocks in the middle of the night to issue gifts and requests -or to get cooked foods? How much wasted time are you experiencing waiting for parts?

    I hope you take the can be a valuable lesson to test out new proposals before sending to customers. Please keep us posted. I?d love to hear about your experiences and any new lessons learned.

    Right now, I am unsure whether I will continue with the Bacon challenge. I am much more excited about Halloween so would rather spend my limited game time on those foods.

    Thanks for listening. I am sure there is a financial impact causing these changes- maybe changing to more ?holiday? related goals would make customers more happy at this time of the year. Joolie

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    I've been playing for 2 years and I was shocked to see why they released the new version of goals but least we don't have to ask neighbors for items at beginning and middle of goals. The new layout is too stressful especially for lower players. I've noticed they put up the prices for the wallpapers and tiles. It wouldn't be bad if this was a 30 day goal but 15 days is pushing it! Do they realise that no one is on their devices 24/7 a day! I really hope they put it back to normal next month when they release the Halloween goals

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