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Thread: GOAL: Double Bubble - 2018 Aug 16

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    GOAL: Double Bubble - 2018 Aug 16

    Mod Note: Additional Info about Obtaining Appliance Parts for this Goal:

    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    Mod Note: All,

    There's been a lot of confusion about the appliance parts in the game, the new collectibles, and the side goal. I reached out to a member of Storm8 staff yesterday and they were able to supply some more information about this goal. I hope this helps!

    For this goal, you can earn parts to help aid in the creation of your appliances in the following ways:

    • As per usual, you can request and gift parts from/to your neighbors
    • You can also purchase appliance parts from the Gold Event crate in the Market (crates tab). Each purchase of this crate costs 8 gems, and will give you 6 of one part (that is, 6x Root Beer Gear, or 6x Root Beer Party Invite, etc.)
      Speculation: at this time, drop rates are unknown, but it is assumed that the crate contains 4 parts, and each part is chanced at a 25% drop rate (so there is an equal chance of getting any part when you purchase the crate)
    • Cooking any new event recipe in the Root Beer Oven and Root Beer Barrel has a chance to drop 1 of 4 new collectible event jars. A set of 4 jars can be exchanged for an appliance parts in the Collectibles tab.
    • Parts can also be obtained via the Side Goal for this goal. Part 1 will reward 28x Root Beer Gears, and Part 2 will reward 12x Root Beer Invites - enough for one full Root Beer Oven.

    TL;DR: You can get parts for this goal by requesting, gifting, cooking + redeeming jars via the Collectibles tab, side-goaling, and buying crates.

    I'm monitoring this thread closely and sending over feedback as much as I can. If there are any other outstanding questions or concerns about this goal, I'll flag it over to a staff member and do my best to follow up.

    --Mod Pixie

    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post
    It's intended that the progress bars for these collectibles do not move. These collections are not permanent.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post

    • These collections in the Collectibles tab are not permanent and the progress bars for them do not move.
    • Collectibles for Appliance Parts and Collectible Crafts will not be available when the goal ends
    • You can keep the parts for future use so make sure you redeem as many parts as you can before the goal ends
    • The Goal appliances will be available in the Market after the goal ends, provided that you have unlocked them by completing the respective goals. You can still build them if you have the required parts.

    New goal is up

    1st appliance: 28 root beer gears and 12 root beer party invites

    Be careful there?s 4 new parts to gift
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    Root beer goal

    Bubble wallpaper and tables? Agggh there are so many better ideas posted on the feeds. PROBLEM I bought the stoves as usual for a goal ( I buy 5) then I find out its part of the goal you must buy 3 at a certain point so I had to buy 2 more to make 3 show up as purchased so now I have 7 did not want to spend that many coins. Why start this requirement all of a sudden for a goal? Please be aware!!
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    but finally 15 days goal, not 5 days, though so many parts needed, only 28 root beer gear, crazy, and first time we have to buy wallpapers and floor tiles

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    How will we ever collect so many parts?!

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    I'm waiting to see what the prizes are before I begin this goal.

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    The new layout of the goals are weird. 28 parts for an oven and we got 15 days to complete??

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    This is crazy. It's obvious Storm 8 doesn't read the forums. So many good suggestions and they give is this and the requirements are insane.

    Tu for the heads up about the appliances I bought 3 before coming here though. 😣

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    What? After you buy the ovens, you have to buy more as part of the goal?
    28 of 1 part, that?s unbelievable! Can a mod check on this? Maybe we can receive more than 20 gifts and or request..... I just don?t see this as being doable
    Edited to add, I bought my usual amount of ovens as well, the goal will be almost over by the time I collect enough parts lol

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    Don't know

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20180817-004735.jpg 
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Name:	Screenshot_20180817-004748.jpg 
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Name:	Screenshot_20180817-004918.jpg 
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Name:	Screenshot_20180817-004950.jpg 
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Name:	Screenshot_20180817-005003.jpg 
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    and sorry, i'm stuck collecting parts

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