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Thread: Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestions Thread

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    Winter Holidays 2018 Suggestions Thread

    Winter Holidays 2018

    Hi Everyone,

    Starting this thread for you to post your suggestions for Winter Holiday items!! What type of winter items would you like to see added to the game?

    What are the previously released items you like to see for Winter Holiday? This applies to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sale and Winter Holidays.

    This thread will only be open for a short time, so don't delay in posting your wish list.

    This thread is for items and suggestions. Please do not post new/current game features.

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    I?d really just love to see new decorations. It?s kind of boring for us older players to just have the same decorations repeated over and over again. Maybe a new event format too. I?d love to see the snow come back. New styles and permanent recipes as event prizes would also be appreciated. Maybe we could get like a holiday bake-off expo, with recipes, new decorations as prizes and a chef at the end.

    Please also bring back the Snowy and Ghostly stoves for players who don?t have them!

    Lastly, I would love to see a giant christmas tree decoration that spins and is animated with a star on the top. I'd like to see a white christmas tree aswell!

    Interms of Cruise characters I?d love to see a gingerbread man. Adding to my suggestion above I?d love to see a decoration with animated elves!
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    I would like to have the Snowy oven and the Ghostly oven. I don’t have them, I like the recipes.

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    New recipes would be cool and another Celebration stove, because we have too much recipe on only one.

    And snow would be great too.

    Thank you!

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    New cruise
    - A new chef as cruise reward. It will be bonus for the new chef not to replace the existing chef but as an additional chef.
    - increase max for festive stove, celebrative stove and jubilee oven

    - Put all appliances on sale
    - Limited time items (styles, deco) of these cruises from 2015 (Tropical Cruise Catering, Egyptian Cruis, Wedding Cruise Catering)
    - Flower table and leaf chair (picture below)
    - Blue curtain wallpaper from past
    - Please put more wallpaper, table, chair, counter, tile styles of past years, especially the older ones, on sale.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please something fun! Cruise ships are getting so boring! Have something fun like what we had before, collect special ingredients from a new visitor to make fun new dishes! All new decorations, wallpaper, flooring, tables, chairs,and counters, please! I have been here since day one and I have everything! Please a whole bunch of new things! Christmas is my favorite holiday. Thank you!
    Happy cooking everyone! ♨️

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    The food truck would be awesome too. We have it, but we can't cook with it..

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    I've been wanting the Snowy Oven, so that would be nice!

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    I’d love an event like the Valentines one from years ago when you got a new permanent appliance, collected items to unlock the recipes on it and completed goals revolving around those recipes for items. Maybe a Holiday Oven with a variety of themed baked goods/desserts. Also, I agree with the other posts about bringing back some of the past themed appliances as even though I have been playing this for years, I was too low a level, etc to get those appliances/ finish the eventsthen. I also agree about the cruise ship events getting very boring. It would be a little better if at least the items were all new, but they aren’t.

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    more decorations (but less gems required) please!

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