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Thread: UPDATE: Sweet Sugar Mill - 2018 Aug 9

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    Thank you very much team for the sweet sugar mill, it's really a great relief, now the candy spinner can also be used actively ....I just love the rainbow smoke reminds rainbow stable, colour theme really great hats off to the creative team

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    YAY!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sugar Mill!! Way to go Storm8!!👍🏻😊

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    I WAKE UP to a brand new fantastic building.
    This is great ...a sugar mill.
    It helps free the windmill for sugar and flour.
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    Thank you for the sugar mill

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    Yahoo! Awesome...I just upgraded my barn haha. Well done Storm 8!

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    I Love this sweet sugar mill, its beautiful and runs smoke

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    I like the sugar mill too, but... now we can only make one flavour sugar at a time.
    When it was made in the usual mill, since we can hv 2 buildings, it can make 2 packs at a time. When the train need a lot of flavour sugar, that will need time twice as long as before to make them.

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    Been loving the new sugar mill. Looks like something from a Willy Wonka movie. Now we might actually see people selling fruit sugars regularly.

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