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Thread: Bakery Story: August 2018

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    Add: mallory757

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    <-- add me. (there's an underscore in there) ))) I tip and gift whatever. No conditions lol.

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    Jul 2017
    I'm a level 99 player, finding the same players like me:
    No tip, but accept request and give parts everyday. Welcome to all level players.

    ID: MissAnt20
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    Aug 2018

    Talking Need neighbour who won't leave the game (I've played since 2011)

    Add me
    🆔 zamyz
    I won't mind u don't tips me (I only tip back when I free)
    I need neighbour who will accept my material request

    Ps even I played bakery story since 2011 but this is my 1st time to post at here
    Pls do add me ya

    从2011年玩到现在了 需要大量邻居
    加我吧 zamyz

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    hello!! old player new account please add me @ lookingfreshok :-)

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    I'm searching for vegan or vegetarian neighbors in Bakery Story. Please add VeganfortheAnimals

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