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Thread: Neo birthsign dragons

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    Neo birthsign dragons

    Simple question according to the codex several of the neo birthsign dragons ( Neo Aquarius,Cancer, Gemini,Pisces, Taurus) are breedable is this correct or were they only breedable for their specific starsign time period , fed up of getting fails on what may be a fruitless task . Thanks.

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    Sorry, but no. Each of the Neo Zodiac dragons were only available for a week after they released before they went back into s8 storage, you'll have to wait until they're relisted to try for them.

    For future reference: The Codex merely lists whether or not a dragon is breedable, not when it's available. To find out if a dragon is currently listed you have to refer to the Market. If a dragon is not listed in the Market it is not available (in any way, shape or form) and we have to wait for it to be relisted before we can obtain it.

    Most dragons are only available for a limited amount of time (with a small group that's always listed) so be sure to always check the market first to see what's currently listed then refer to the Codex to see whether or not the dragon you want is currently breedable. On some occasions, the market will say one thing and the Codex another but s8 has stated that if this happens, the Codex is more accurate because it's updated more. I think of it like this: The Codex is an inventory reference guide while the Market acts as a shopping list for current items. They're both useful in their own right but they serve different purposes and are best when used together. I hope this helps you to save time and unnecessary breeding in the future and that I didn't confuse you more, lol.

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    That saves me a lot of fails thanks for your concise answer.

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